Latest Reports: Cruise Market

Cruising is most popular among the older generation of age 50+. Visit Complete Report Here: autobiographically. Bloodspot. Com/2014/05/global- cruise-market-2014-global. HTML A consistent Increase has been observed In the global cruise Industry over the past couple of years. The largest cruise market Is North America. Followed by Europe. In terms of growth, the number of passengers is increasing more rapidly in Europe in comparison with North America. Germany is the fastest growing cruise market in the world. Major cruising companies are increasingly setting their sights on emerging markets.

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The key factors driving growth of the global cruise industry include rising global economy, increasing employed population and accelerating travel agent initiative. Some of the noteworthy trends and developments of this Industry Include enhanced technology, revitalization of cruise lines, new innovations, wide entertainment options on board, new cruising locations and increasing first time passengers. However, the growth of cruise industry is hindered by the high barriers to entry and exit, adverse economic conditions, acts of piracy and cruise ship accidents.