Leisure Is a Growing Industry

A sizeable percentage of people hold view that multicultural in a country causing several problems with social harmony. One typical problem is that it will generate conflicts between different cultures. People in different ethnic groups usually do not agree with others belief and moral values. For Instance, in India, the cow In Hindu society In which people do not eat beef Is traditionally Identified as a caretaker and a maternal figure while Islamic people can eat it normally.

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Because of this, the whole society becomes less stable and harmonious, which can impede the development of society. Another problem is that it is more difficult for the authorities to govern the country because different ethnic groups have different life styles and religious faith. However, there are quite a few people who advocate the idea that a country benefits from the assimilation of diverse cultures of different ethnic groups. The Innovations and development of technology brings about convenience and comfort to the citizens.

But it is not uncommon that some individuals benefit more than some others, this situation is evident among many groups. The interaction between distinct ethnic groups can alleviate the taxation to a great degree. Moreover, those groups relatively lacking of competence in the modern society can learn from other groups In many respects (e. G. Using advanced machines, acquiring the latest knowledge, etc. ), which eventually will do well to both the country and groups.

From what has been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that multicultural can not only bring benefits but also cause some problems in a country, but I believe that there are more benefits than drawbacks to a country provided that the government can cope well with the cultural lash and respect each ethnic group’s culture. With the advance of human collocation, there are an Increasing number of people who have raised doubts about whether reading or watching television can develop more imaginative and lingual skills.

In this essay, I will have an insight into some advantages of each for the development. A sizeable percentage of people hold the view that reading offers more imagination and language skills than watching television. There are no less than three reasons as rendered below. The main reason that an Individual has to transfer words to Images when he Is reading and this woo important characteristics of reading; therefore, one can conceive a whole image about what one reads. For instance, when you are reading “Gone with the Wind”, you can easily sketch the artistic image of Scarlet and be impressed by her independence.

Another reason is that reading can improve our grammar and enlarge our vocabulary in order to exercise our lingual skills. However, there are quite a few people who advocate the idea that it is wrong to say watching television makes people inferior to readers, because each type of program has its unique role in inspiring people’s imagination or developing lingual skills. For example, an educational channel such as discovery, broaden peoples horizon, advertisement aesthetic values, and talk shows display the art of languages.

In addition, if you are learning a foreign language, watching TV can correct your pronunciation and accent. From what has been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that watching television offers some advantages to our spoken language and reading can help us developing imagination and language skills too. From my own perspective, we should read more books, not only elevating our image and language, but also enriching our content of our character. Though, of course, we can also watch television to relax and for pleasure. Ho have raised doubts about modern people spend less time in entertaining themselves in comparison with their past counterparts. From my own perspective modern technology has not made people less creative. In fact, it has changed the definition of leisure and the lifestyle of people. A sizeable percentage of people hold the view that modern technology has changed our definition of leisure. There are many reasons supporting my view. Earlier, leisure meant going out and meeting people, playing outdoor games, going to cinema and so on. However, today, leisure time is full of choices.

We have so many things to do within the four walls of our house. We can watch countless programs on national and international channels; we can play online games; we can chat with friends and relatives in any corner of the world. That is why perhaps it looks as if we people do not entertain ourselves as much as we used to in yesterday. There are quite a few people who advocate the idea that people do not entertain as much as before is also not because of technology. Technology has, in fact, given us more time to enjoy but we cannot strike balance between work and play.

We have become workaholics. Life in the past was simpler because people worked for basic needs. Now, not only is work to be a way of life, it is also for personal fulfillment. We set goals for ourselves such as a house or a car. Today, we have improved standard of living although this has come at a very high cost. From what has been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that technology has not made us less creative. We entertain ourselves more than earlier times but the ways of entertainment are different and technology has given us more choices than before.