Low price in Advert

Rhetorical questions are yet another method used in this advert. The idea is to lead the reader to where you want them to go by asking questions which are not meant to be answered because in fact there is only one answer. For example, ‘Where else, for instance, can you buy a Chablis from the glorious 1992 vintage at the unbelievably low price of just 4.99 a bottle?’ and ‘Where else can you buy Peiper-Heidseck champagne for just 11.99 per bottle?’

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Such questions are designed for one purpose and that is to get you thinking in the same way as the advertiser. The letter uses words from the same lexical set. These are words which are linked to the same subject.

For example, if I was talking about magic and witches, I would use words like conjure instead of cook and so on. In this text they talk about wine and use words like ‘vintage’, ‘wine merchant’, ‘Chablis’ and ‘premier cru’. This technique is intended to make the letter seem classier in the same way that the French words do.

The importance of the first sentence is stressed by the use of bold print and some capital letters.

‘YOURS FREE WITH EVERY ORDER! Six beautiful sommelier crystal glasses, worth 12.99.’

The ‘yours free with every order ‘ is in capitals so you take notice of the importance of the offer, to create the idea that it is not to be missed. Then it goes on to describe the crystal glasses and that they are giving them away free. Everyone likes things for free and so the exclamation mark is put there to emphasise the fact that you will be getting these free every time you order.

The first sentence starts with ‘YOURS FREE WITH EVERY ORDER!’ This immediately stands out and before you even know what is free your interested in it.

A hyperbole is used in the advertisement. A hyperbole is presented as a fact but it all rests on the reader’s ideas and standards. ‘As a leading importer of the worlds top vintages… ‘ This statement is used to place the idea in the head of the reader that the company is among the best in the world within its field. However, the question that needs to be asked is “in whose opinion?” A company in the top five hundred importers of wine in the world, some would consider to be a leading importer. Whereas others would only consider a company in the top ten to be one. The sentence is an exaggeration, but not something that could be disproved, so therefore not a lie.

The advert is presented in the form of a letter which ends in a ‘Yours sincerely’. The device is used to approach you on a more personal level. This is done at the risk of not looking professional, but enhances the effect of making the reader feel as if they belong. If they are approached them personally the advert may be more effective in making the reader feel they need to be part of the promotion laid before them. Following on from the previous point the writer uses a ‘P.S.’ at the bottom.

This is again informal and just re-iterates the idea of personal feel. The use of the opening, ‘Dear reader’, makes the letter sound pleasant and warming to the reader. The letter is signed and gives the name of the managing director, which makes the letter seem more personal.