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I am going to compare 5 adverts that I collected from a magazine. I will be comparing fragrances with different makes. I will evaluate each advert and then compare them. My first advert is based on Miracle by Lancme, Paris. The colours used are different shades of pink going from dark to light leading upto the bottle, which is situated in the middle of the page. I think the pink represents the sweet smell of the perfume and the femininity of it.

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The picture in the background is a hillside and it looks like the sun is setting. The sun is not shown as the bottle is representing the sun. The point I think the advert is trying to make to the audience is that the perfume is an essential item like the sun. The advert uses formal language. It has one slogan on it which is ‘you can make it happen’ I think this is supposed to make the audience think that if they purchase this perfume they can do anything. I think the advert is targeted at middle aged females who are class C (office workers, skilled jobs) upward.

My second advert is Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier.The background colour used in the picture is a deep red. There is a female wearing a corset as this represents the shape and design of the bottle. There is the picture of the bottle in the bottom right-hand corner with the name of the perfume under it. I think the idea of having a woman wearing a corset makes the audience think that the perfume will make them feel grand as wealthy people many years ago used to wear corsets. The font size is small as the designer is well established for his original slogan which is the woman wearing a corset. I think the advert is targeted at class B (solicitors, lawyers) upward and females who are middle aged.

My third advert is Chanel 5 the background colour is black with a huge number five in the centre. I think the reason for having the background colour black is to make the number five stand out. On top of the number five is a women with a bottle of the perfume in her hand. The colour of both the woman and the number is gold. I think the gold colour represents glamour as the audience would think if the purchased the perfume they would look glamorous. There is no font on the advert apart from the designer name in the bottom left-hand corner. I think this advert is targeted at females who are young and are class D (drivers, postal workers) upward.

My fourth advert is Emporio Armarni. The background has a man and a woman kissing. A male and female is used as the perfume is advertising both versions, the male and female version. There is a picture of the bottles, the male version being black and the female version being white. I think the bottles are pictured on the advert to show the original shape of the bottles, which are long cylinders. The font is white and the slogan is ‘get together with the two fragrances’ I think this is telling the audience that they could buy the fragrance for themselves and their partner. Under the name of the fragrance it says the words ‘he’ and the word ‘she’ in six different languages, I think this is to show how popular the fragrances are in different countries. Also under the picture of the bottles is a link to the company’s website, I think this is shown to show how advanced the company is. I think that the advert is aimed at both genders aged between 19-28 who are in class D (drivers, postal workers) upward.

My fifth advert is DKNY. The advert is a double page so it is eye-catching. On the left-hand side are the pictures of the bottles of perfume. The rest on the space is filled up by a picture of a man and woman standing in the middle of a busy road in New York City, you can tell this as they show the yellow taxi’s for which New York is famous for. New York City is used as the full name of fragrance is ‘Donna Karan New York’. A man and woman is used as the fragrance is for both men and women. The bottles are arranged so they look all different heights. I think these represent buildings as in New York there are many buildings. I think the advert is targeted at both genders aged 19-28 who are in class D (drivers, postal workers) upward.

I think the advert that worked the best was the DKNY fragrance. Firstly when I was looking for advertisements this one was very eye-catching as it was a double page advert also DKNY is very popular and well known. DKNY is not only a fragrance but is a clothes designer too even though this advert was just advertising the fragrance. I also thought that the advert must have been well thought out as the bottles represent buildings and New York is famous for buildings. I also thought it would work as I found this advertisement in a popular magazine designed for people aged 19+ so it would encourage them too buy which would make the company more and more popular.