Making time regularly

These areas are the most important areas to me that I need improvement in order for my company to be successful and others would know they have a good leader to follow. This is my Leadership Development Action Plan that would guide me into becoming an effective COO. Managing Stress According to Developing Management Skills, Developing the skill of managing stress, therefore, can have significant payoff. The book also states that the ability to deal appropriately with stress not only enhances individual self-development but can also eve an enormous bottom-line impact on entire organizations.

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One of my stresses is time management. During my work hours I am bad at managing my time and getting all assignments done and in a timely fashion. I mostly sit behind my desk working on not so important things and toward the end of the day I would work on my important assignments. I also procrastinate at times. I never finish more than one project this way. When something urgent is needed to be done right away I often find myself stressed, because I still have other things on my desk to be done, there may e a last minute meeting that I have to attend or I am needed to handle a difficult situation.

By the end of the day my desk is unrecognized and cluttered with papers and projects. I have learned that to become an effective leader, eliminating stress through time management and proportioning is very important. According to Development Management Skills, effective time management, then, not only helps a person accomplish more in a typical workday but also helps eliminate feelings of stress and overload that are so detrimental to personal accomplishment and satisfaction. There are many things that I can do to change my behavior. I will begin changing my behavior by practicing at work.

I can make a list of things to accomplish daily. I will change my behaviors by proportioning my tasks. Divide up large projects. Set myself daily and weekly goals. I can keep track of time and not procrastinate. I can delegate more assignments amongst staff to ease my workload. I can also set deadlines to make sure that I meet my goals to eliminate stress. I will seek feedback from my supervisor and my staff in regards of my progress toward my time management skill. I would know if my change is successful by setting myself goals, making myself a checklist and through constructive criticism.

I would monitor my progress weekly. Gaining Power and Influence The second leadership skill that I need improvement in is the Power of Influence in order for me to become an effective COO. According to Developing Management Skills, a manager must establish a power base in order to get work accomplished and obtain commitments to important objectives. But power without influence is not sufficient. I often find it hard for me to pursue and convince upper management and there executives in my company into following me and believing in me and my ideas. I will present projects and ideas only to get turned down.

The article, Power of Persuasion, states that challenge is painfully familiar to corporate executives, who workforce. There are steps that I need to take toward developing my power of persuasion skills. I begin changing my behavior by being extremely dependable and, when appropriate, put forth more effort than expected. I would change my behaviors by implementing the three Or’s influence strategies Retribution, Reciprocity, and Reason. I would also include the six principles of the powers of persuasion. They include liking, reciprocity, social proof, consistency, authority and scarcity.

I would incorporate these strategies daily at work and at home for extra practice. I would change my ways to show that I am credible and responsible. I would collect feedback through collective information through my observation from my executives and those around me. I would know if I was successful in persuading by the results of how many of my executives I influenced to use my ideas and projects. Developing Self Awareness The function of self-examination is to lay the groundwork for insight, without which no growth can occur”, Browser.

According to Developing Management Skills, the knowledge we possess about ourselves, which makes up our self -concept, is central to improving our management skills. The book also stated that we cannot improve ourselves of develop new capabilities unless and until we know what level of capability we currently possess. The main area of self-awareness that I need to work on is cognitive style. Cognitive style refers to the manner in which individuals gather and process information. I would work on my attitude toward change. There are many times that I am resistant to change.

In order for me to make changes with myself awareness I would have to identify my sensitive line. I would also have to enhance my emotional intelligence by consciously monitoring my own emotional responses and by practicing the diagnosis of others emotional cues. I would practice changing my behaviors anywhere I go daily, at work, and at home. I would know my change is successful by keeping a Journal and by making time regularly to engage in self-analysis. I would balance life’s activities with some time for self-renewal.

I would collect feedback from my peers and those that I manage. Summary The areas that requires change to help aid me into improving my leadership skills and completing my goals for this leadership development plan is Managing Stress, Gaining Power and Influence, and Developing Self Awareness. My leadership plan will help me to become an effective leader as a COO and as an individual. Great leaders know their self-awareness and this leadership plan shows my initiative into making changes to become a great and effective leader.