Management control

If there had better use of human resources the closure of services could perhaps of been avoided “The organisation needs to pay more attention to the importance of planning human resources as well as other economic resources… it is essential that human resources are utilised as effectively as possible… Better manpower planning should not be regarded in isolation but as an integral part of the broader process of corporate planning… to the development of the organisation as a whole… it should be related to the nature of the organisational culture.

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” (Mullins, 2002). Had the Organisation paid more attention to the Human resource plan it would have been able to foresee the problems and could have arranged alternative cover arrangement prior to the manager leaving. Had the organisation followed the four-stage H. R plan it would have been in a better position to employ somebody prior to overcome staffing problems. A series of measures to ensure that the required staffing resources are available as and when required.

This reconciliation of supply and demand is the basis of the H R plan. (Mullins, 2002 fig 20.1p 736) as shown in appendix 2 According to Beardwell and Holden (2001) “the need for H. R planning arises from the operational needs of the organisation… Its importance lies in maintaining a sufficient supply of employees, in the right place, time and cost… detailed observation and planning of many variables… can ensure a reconciliation of labour supply and demand such that shocks and disturbances are avoided. There is a need to look closer at the recruitment and selection process, to try to avoid there being a management gap in the organization.

“Recruiting people who are wrong for the organization can lead to increased labor turnover … such people are likely to be discontented… and end up leaving when their unsuitability becomes evident”. (ACAS, 1999). “Whatever the organization, the effectiveness of its operations and functions inevitably depends very largely upon the staff it employs”. (Mullins, 2002:734) Therefore to ensure the success of the organization it is important to attract the right employee in the beginning. The organizations policies and procedures need to be effective to ensure that the H. R Plan is properly functioning.

There are several issues surrounding recruitment and selection and consideration must be made when you advertise the job in order to attract the right employee. 1. H. R. plans; need to consider potential for training and development, and their flexibility. 2. Appointees ‘ sociability- will they fit in with the team, the culture and structure of the organization. 3. Legal requirements, employment legislation, equal opportunities, disability, fair treatment to applicants, ‘best practice’. The consequences of recruiting the wrong person for the job are: 1. Higher staff turnover.

Increased costs- re advertising of position. 3. Decrease in the morale of staff. 4. Poor performance. 5. Lack of commitment and flexibility. 6. Wasting time. 7. Possible disciplinary/ grievance actions. (Mullins, 2002:739) H. R planning is part of the development planning of the organization and if this is overlooked by the organization then the inevitable chaos ensues when an employee leaves, falls sick or goes on maternity leave. “H. R planning can provide a framework, which can help an organisation overcome staffing problems, and develop strategies for effective recruitment and staff development.

“(Mullins, 2002). Along with the use of a H. R. plan the organisation needs to be aware of the way the manager relates to the workforce Mullins (2002) states “the philosophy of management and the attitudes of managers towards the development and maintenance of a working climate, Influence the recruitment and selection process. Thus when a manager leaves, it is essential for the organisation, that there is another person who can take on the role as assistant manager, until a successful candidate is found. “You could well argue that it in effective recruitment and selection.

Everything comes back to people, if you don’t appoint staff with the right ability, temperament and willingness all these fancy ideas on motivation, empowerment and commitment etc. aren’t likely to be much use. “(Mullins, 2002:758) If ground work had put these into practice then the subsequent closure of services after the departure of the programme manager would surely of been avoided. The organisation needs to look towards future training for its present staff to enable the smooth running of all services.

It should also exercise more control over its managers and make sure that they have not taken on a role, which will effect the overall production of the organisation. “Management control is primarily a process for motivating and inspiring people to perform organisation activities that will further the organisation’s goals. It is also a process for detecting and correcting unintentional performance errors … At the organisational level, management need to exercise control over behaviour and actions of staff in order to ensure a satisfactory level of performance”. (Mullins, 2002: 766. )