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As Mended (2000) stated that ‘SAP is on the way to create a similar racket dominating position in the sector of business standard software that Microsoft had in the area of standard PC software’. Messiness (2000) explained that ‘SAP is significantly shaping information society by creating more than fourteen thousand new Jobs at the place it was created GERMANY. Hamburg’s Manager Magazine stated that SAP is not only a company but a Job creation program’. 2. 1: Benefits of implementing SAP Business Objects Portfolio at Dunned Mill Benefits regarding Job helps to keep the employees and to attract them to stay committed with their organizations/films.

As Dunned Mill implemented SAP Business Objects Portfolio which brought numerous benefits for the employees working for it and also advantaged the group itself. SAP was introduced at Dunned because it was it had the facility of full featured functionality and its commitment for future development which ultimately will benefit Dunned Mill. The benefits SAP directly brought after implementation to Dunned Mill are as follows: It helped the managers to see the visibility of important key performance metrics for measuring different operations and targeting key actions for improvement.

It allowed the sales and inventory to be more clear and transparent. It allowed the finance to work and analyses other important factors in Dunned Mill by eliminating manual work. It discussed in the case study it also Dunned Mill to grow strongly in different economic situations. One of the main advantages to implement SAP Business Object for Dunned Mill was that it rapidly helped to analyses competitive threats. Implementation of SAP at Dunned Mill also helped to increase the data processing speed. SAP helped to provide Duel Mill customers’ effective delivery system which vibrates its customers.

It also helped to convert traffic into sales by displaying most popular products at aisles and checkout. The above points helped to conclude the implementing SAP at Dunned Mill brought overall benefits and advantages to Dunned Mill itself, its employees and its customers’. Whenever a company decides to implement any new software or IT related database it takes different factors under consideration for evaluating the key benefits brought through it. In same manner Dunned Mill also evaluated its implementation approach including vendor evaluation for implementing SAP. Before going with SAP Business

Objects portfolio for solutions Dunned Mill considered other options available for them. But on the bases of integration, functionality and vision SAP Business Objects was finally selected by Dunned Mill. Integration of SAP software was the key for its selection by Dunned Mill which was lacking in other software’s. Other vendors according to the case study were rejected because they were not similar functionality and development vision as SAP software had. Some other reasons for the selection of SAP after evaluating other vendors were: Implementation of SAP can help to report managerial snapshots for key issues.

Its implementation can also enable the Dunned Mill users to Just enter keyword for gathering relevant information regarding data and where it could be found through the help of SAP Business Explorer tools. Whereas, SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence software could enable the retailer buyer teams to create queries of any nature. Evaluation of the benefits provided by SAP Business Objects to Dunned Mill and selecting it in options of other vendors helped to conclude different factors which brought benefit to the company and probably will provide benefit to it in future as well.

It is obvious that competitors of Dunned Mill will also approach SAP software to get benefit from but the fact is that Dunned Mill will keep working on its IT software’s. It will also closely monitor through SAP software different issues managerial issues and to keep on attracting new customers. What is E-commerce? Thanking (2003) stated that ‘E-commerce is actually known as buying or selling of products on internet. It helps to capture the attention of customers, businesses large or small, government officials and academics’. Marina (2003) referred to different