Market Survey-Germany Nutraceuticals Industry Outlook

The report also includes competitive landscape and profiles of the major players operating in the industry. The future projections are included to provide an insight on the prospects in the Germany intellectuals industry. Browse Full Report With TOCK: http://www. Nonrepresentational. Bal/analyses-details/ Germany-intellectuals-laundry-outlook-to-2017 -growing-popularity-of-functional- food-and-beverages-to-sustain;growth Germany has been by far the largest country in the E in terms of population, with a total of 81. 9 million inhabitants in 2012.

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Health and wellness has always been considered as an integral part of the lifestyle of the people in Germany. The country as witnessed an Increasing trend towards intellectuals such as vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements for over more than a decade. This was Initiated by the growing desire of the people especially women to subsidize their cosmetics expenditure with the adoption of comparatively less expensive vitamins and minerals and herbal supplements which rejuvenate skin in a better way without any side effects, as compared to chemically treated and formulated cosmetic products.

The intellectuals market In Germany Is presently In a mature phase with the sub- markets, Including functional food and beverages and dietary supplements, experiencing saturated demand over the period of 2006-2012. Despite the presence of a rapidly ageing population which has greatly benefited the growth of various sub- categories, the high level of maturity in these markets has limited the growth potential of consumer health markets including intellectuals.

The revenues from Germany accumulated a -?% share In global intellectuals revenues In 2012. To Get Download Full Report with TOCK: towpath. Nonrepresentational. Bal/ sample/sample/195767 Germany has been the second largest market of functional food and beverages in Europe over the years. The modern cosmopolitan environment prevailing in the functional food and beverages has witnessed dull performance over the years. The revenues of the market have expanded at a slow growth rate of over 2006-2012.

The market of functional food and beverages is extremely cluttered with a large number of relatively small players. German consumers showcase great attachment to some of the highly popular brands and hence brand loyalty plays a key role in this regard. Private label products have a very limited presence in most of the product categories. Dietary or food supplements market in Germany is major made up of products containing ingredients such as vitamins and minerals. Germany dietary supplements market was the second largest market in Europe in 2012.