Doctors Foster and Smith Marketing

Nowadays, the online business has become one of the most important channels to attract the customers. Customers shop online for several reasons such as convenience, large selection, cost saving and various selection. Therefore, the retail web should be attractive and effective enough for customers to surf around and make purchasing. Librarian. Com is owned and operated by veterinarians Dry. Race Foster and Dry. Marty Smith who established Doctors Foster and Smith as a company. The website is known as the largest supplier of aquatic life in USA.

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Moreover, the website offers the best shopping experience possible for quality freshwater and marine fish. As an African Child lover, I would like to share this very interesting website where the customers can make purchasing, learn about the fish such as African Child, American Child as well as marine fish, find a suitable rock for the fish and sharing the question or suggestion. The comments will be based on ACS which is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the website.

1 . Context

Most customers especially a buyer prefers a simple and informative rather than complicate and colorful website. The intention is very simple which to gain the information and make purchasing. Therefore, Librarian. Com can be considered interesting as the designer applied a simple concept with an appropriate color scheme. Applying the background with white color has brings comfort to the customers. The ‘drown button’ provided also helps the website easy to navigate and the information required also been placed in group as to ensure the information will be easy to gained.

2. Commerce

As the website is intended for commercial transaction, customers would expect that the website is safe to navigate and make purchasing. Therefore, several security measurements have been applied. The customers need to register in the web and becoming a member in order to purchase the items. The web also provides a link to track the order. The payment also can be made through online method such as Papal as well as COMB Clicks or by credit card.

3. Connection

The connection level of this website is high as the customers provided with several links to other related websites such as African and American Child suppliers as well as the aquarium decoration services. The web also can be connected through social Edie such as Youth, Faceable and Twitter.

4. Communication

ACS of Marketing By Modifier communication channel must be established. In this particular website, customer could find several useful links such as Weekly Special Offers, a link to subscribe newsletter, business partner program, contact information and live chat with the company representatives. The customers therefore will be able to raise any question to the company as well as to submit the idea and suggestion. The customers also will find a very interesting contest conducted weekly. Therefore, it can be conclude that he level of communication for this website is highly acceptable.

5. Content

Informative website is very crucial to the customers. It is convenience to search information in Liveryman. Com as they provide the picture as well as the video with an indication regarding the items. For example, customers can find and make purchase by clicking a picture that links to the a lot of useful information provided such as the origin of the Albino Peacock Child, the price, availability of the stock, care sheet as well as the level of PH (potential of hydrogen), ammonia and nitrate that need to be monitored. Therefore, the way the company presenting the idea is very helpful and easy to access.

6. Community

A useful website does not work with one way communication method. It has to be broader. The web could provide an extra feature such as message board, live chat and forum as an example. For Liveryman. Com, the customers are allowed to discuss any matter regarding the African Child in the forum provided such as Beginners Area and Collector’s Corner. The customers are allowed to share the pictures and videos among registered members.

7. Customization

Since the company is based in USA, it does not provide multiple languages. The website also does not provide any tool for the user to customize it based on their preferences.

Recommendations :

The designer could make the font larger so the empty spaces could be occupied. The advertisements and commercial banner should be placed in a specific area or link. As a user from Malaysia, the link to the currency converter would be very helpful. The website also should be more user friendly where they will be able to customize the layout based on their preferences. Having multi languages in the web also would make the website more interactive.