Marketing mix and the 4P’s

In my marketing mix decisions I will be looking at four main points for which will be ideal in launching the product. This will state where and how I will be successful in selling my product. I will need to also show clearly how I will be capable of selling this product and see whether people will buy it or not depending on the position. The situation I will be positioning is the 4P’s (Product, Place, Price And Promotion) these will be the main criteria’s I will be aiming to show.

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In the product situation I will be dealing with the design, what the average size should be, should the shower gel be safe for little kids whilst playing around with the container if found, how it will be sellable and what the expectation will be whilst buying the product. These would be the main criteria’s I will be looking at whilst dealing with my products situation and will have to show all the needs of the buyer’s point of view.  The design: This should be very simple and casual for which it will more better to buy and it will be better if the product would look like an aquatic design which will show its moistness.

It will also be good if there would be a good idea of putting a point of sale display to show its own advertising, this means there should be its own stand in a store showing its only posture. I also believe that more teenagers buy shower gel then adult because they have the willingness of going out and attracting girls or boys by the smell and moist skin. * Average Size: The size of the shower gel should be reasonable because people don’t want to carry around really big boxes of shower gel. So for it to be the best size it should be able to fit in a hand which can be easily squeezed and used.

There shouldn’t be any tricky part to opening it because whilst having a shower many people don’t have the time to look at the opening part because they are getting showered down with water and so it must be very easy to open. * Expectations: Whilst people are out all they see is a reasonable looking shower gel which looks good and smalls good, people won’t be out looking for shower gel with very sparkling shower gel with little strings hanging from them. What people look for is a casual looking shower gel which will be alright to carry out of the store and which will be right to carry around in the trolley.

For the Shower Gel pricing I would have to think about it pretty well choosing the right amount for other people to spend on it. I will have to look at the design whether it looks good and to choose if there are any good things about it so I could give it a good price range. At the same time I will to look at the down parts about and see what the downfalls will be about the shower gel. I would have to look at the competitors and see what looks the same as there’s and check what the price margin is to there product. The main thing to take in mind is that how big the container will be so according to that the price will be put on.

Place Place takes a really big role in selling the product this checks out whether it should be sold in small areas or major high streets. If for instance I was to sell a shower gel in the village I will not be getting a really response because many people don’t go out in villages to shops to buy their house toiletries, they would go to a place where there will be more good things like into town or city. So it to be more easy for me to give out my product it will be best to distribute it out to major stores where there are more people walking around.

And I would also need to look at the price range also, this will tell me if the location is popular then the price should be reasonable and if the location is sometimes visited then it should put at a low cost. There will have to be a big research on this subject to find out where the people buy there shower gel from. There will have to primary and secondary research on this to find what kind of people buy it and where there do shopping from. It would also be a good idea to ask if they want it to be distributed to other shops where it doesn’t get sold. Promotion

Promotion is vital to selling because this is where you have to find out how to sell your product and how people will know about it. There are many aspects to this, media and sales promotion this will be needed to show what and where the product is being sold. * Media: There are many types of media where the product can be shown like, newspapers, magazines, internet, television, radio etc. It best to advertise it all the places because then people will find out that a new product has been launched and would like to try it out. For newspapers it is good to give out adverts to all type like, The Sun, Daily Sport, The Times etc.

For internet it’s good to have it as a pop up because people won’t be searching for the new shower gel and it is best if the advert just pops up on their screen to attract attention. To show it on television it is the best idea because nearly whole of the country is glued to the television and they some how find out by looking at the television. * Sales Promotion: One of the people who work for the organisation could visit round other places advertising the shower gel in major high streets and giving out small amounts in a mini version making them try it out.

This could be used in many places and could also go abroad. By this the organisation can find out how much they like it and whether they would like it to be sold in their stores. By this the shower gel product could expand in many countries. Conclusion From all of this we have found out that the 4P’s mean a lot to the business and that it could make a big difference if there is no action made by it. So by this we find out where and how the product should be sold and what replies there will be. From this we find out whether it should be sold in major stores and what the price should be.