Marketing Myopia reaction paper

When it comes to the topic of marketing, or anything that has to do with business, I personally am not very interested in it, thus making me not that very knowledgeable in this topic. Hearing stuff about business Just puts me to sleep. However, when asked to read the article on marketing myopia by Levity, I wasn’t too excited to start but when I started reading, I got hooked. The article is so well written and insightful that I Just kept reading.

After reading the whole 13 pages, my eyes were opened to what marketing is and isn’t. In the article, Levity gave many examples of companies that fell into marketing myopia and explained why and what made them fall. From many of the examples, it really showed me a picture of how important it really is to define what your company is and what its goal is. I realized that a simple misdirection could easily guide a company into its own grave.

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Also, it made me see how easily a company or business an be swayed away from their main purpose or goal therefore putting all effort and focus on something that can destroy them. Another idea or point I got from this article was that we constantly have to look for something new or to be bold in making new innovations and thinking outside the box. Even though it may seem like the company is doing fine, we can’t ride on the same thing forever because the world is constantly changing.

We have to anticipate ND be bold in creating creative ways to adjust to the ever-changing world. In conclusion, I personally got to really see a glimpse of what marketing is all about. My old views and misconceptions of marketing were all broken after reading this article. The idea I had of marketing, being Just all about convincing the customer to buy your product has Just been smashed into pieces. I guess at the end of the day, it really showed me the true definition of marketing.