Marketing people

An important department in ‘Pizza Hut’ is the Human Resources. The Human Resource Department are in charge of recruiting new staff when needed as well as training old and new employees. ‘Pizza Hut’ want to fill 75% of jobs internally and for employees to have along – term career, so they don’t have to keep finding employees to feel the necessary vacancies. To see what kind of products the customer wants research has to be done. This is where the Marking Department comes in.

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Marketing people are the ones that create new products for ‘Pizza Hut’. They do a lot of research to find out an idea for a new product as well as the pricing and ways to sell it. A business can also improve on merchandises through research. There are a number of different ways ‘Pizza Hut’ does their research. They do a telephone market research, where the marketing people ring customers and ask them a serious of questions. Another way to find out information from customers is to do a questionnaire. This can be done in a form of a postal letter, handing out questionnaires or simply asking people questions.

‘Pizza Hut’ could ask customers questions like what is your favourite crust? And, how many people do you eat with when eating at a ‘Pizza Hut’ restaurant? Marketing also take care of the promotion of products through television, restaurants and the media. By promoting ‘Pizza Hut’ in restaurants, the business can see the new product will be a success or a failure. All Marketing is done to keep up with other competitors so that ‘Pizza Hut’ doesn’t lose customers. If another pizza restaurant brings out a new pizza which customers really like, then they will go to that restaurant and ‘Pizza Hut’ makes a loss. To keep up with other leading brands market research is done to see what customers want.

The Finance Department deals with anything to do with wages, costs, accounts and capital. ‘Pizza Hut’ have to balance there money so they have enough to pay for rent, adverts, maintenance, products and wages for example. ‘Pizza Hut’ has a number of fixed costs that they pay each month. These are costs that don’t change as the number of pizzas sold changes. The fixed costs that ‘Pizza Hut’ pays out each month are on advertising, depreciation, rent and rates, insurance and start up costs.

‘Pizza Hut’ then splits variable costs into two categories. Semi – variable and fully variable costs. Semi variable costs are the costs that do change as output changes but not drastically. The semi fixed costs that ‘Pizza Hut’ pays out for are cleaning, travel, uniforms local promotions, consumables, maintenance, utilities and recruitment. Fully variable costs are costs that change as output changes. The more pizzas that ‘Pizza Hut’ sells the more of these that they will need the most. The fully variable costs that ‘Pizza Hut’ pays out for are cost of ingredients, management labour and team member labour.

To continue the growth of ‘Pizza Hut’ the Property Department look at the company’s image and other companies. They see if the business needs new technology or a new look to attract new customers and pervious customers. If a new pizza restaurant opens and has state of the art technology and is decorated smartly and attractive then ‘Pizza Hut’ might want to change its look so that customers don’t go to that eating place. The Property Department have the responsibility to develop new restaurants. They locate the new ‘Pizza Hut’ restaurants by seeing if the location has the room, vacancies, if the customers need a ‘Pizza Hut’ in the area and how far the nearest competitor and ‘Pizza Hut’ branch is.

Human Recourses, Marketing, Finance and the Property department are all linked together through finance. For marketing to promote a successful campaign, for example advertising and special offers, they need the support from finance and human resources. This is because human resources see what ‘Pizza Hut’ need to advertise e.g. new jobs, buy one get one free. When advertising restaurants marketing also need to find out which restaurants are home delivery services from human resources so that when they do the adverts they can specify the location of the branch. Finance sees if ‘Pizza Hut’ has enough capital to do the promotion and if so, how much money they have to invest init. Marketing also need the help from property when advertising the opening of a new restaurant so that they know exactly what the new restaurant will look like, the location of it and the opening times. They need this information so that customers know where to go and what to expect.

Property is linked with finance when looking for new locations. This is because the property department need to know how much money they have to spend on a new restaurant including rent, decoration and training. As finance deals with all the capital that the business owns, the property department need to speak to them to see how much money they have to spend on a location before looking.

Human resources are connected to finance because they need money to advertise for jobs. By advertising for recruitment, ‘Pizza Hut’ has more chance of finding people to fill the jobs needed for the new restaurant. The finance department also gives the human resources the money for training the new staff as well as their wages. When the Human Resources department are looking for recruitment they have to look at certain qualities depending on if the jobs are going in the eat in or home delivery restaurants. With home delivery restaurants you need staff that can drive mopeds or motorbikes so that they can delivery the pizzas to customer’s quick, but with eat in restaurants you don’t necessary have to drive to work in the restaurants.

Finance has to communicate with human resources and marketing when owning and exploiting the delivery opportunity. This is because human resources know how many people are recruited at each delivery branch. They then tell the finance department who then know how much money can be spent on new vehicles and have an estimate on how much money is already going towards the delivery service. The marketing department can research customers to find out how long they think it should take for their pizza to be delivered to them. The finance department then have an idea on how much money should be invested into the delivery branches to reach the customers demands.