Milk and Dairy Industry

How many distribution centers do you have in Ireland and Internationally? 3. Who are the main companies that you supply dairy products too? 4. Could you tell us what are the company’s cash cows, stars, problem children and dogs in the dairy sector? 5. What Is the company’s main business strategy? 6. Who are your key competitors In the dairy Industry? 7. Is rivalry intense and what factors fuel rivalry In the dairy Industry? 8. Is there competitive rivalry between the different brands wealth Global? 9.

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What makes your rodents distinctive and different from the products of your competitors? 10. How do you manage your competitive advantage? 1 1 . What differences are between competition In Ireland and competition overseas? 12. How do you manage and strengthen your value chain? 13. How have Global and the dairy Industry been Impacted by the global financial crawls? 14. What do you think are the mall drivers of the dairy Industry, and have they changed over time? 15. What decisions have been made within the company in regards to the impact? 16. Has the recent budget affected Glancing and its suppliers? 17.

How has the CAP reforms and changes in the milk levies impacted you? 18. Is there any other new laws that will affect you or your suppliers in the dairy industry? 19. What are the environmental issues surrounding the dairy industry? 20. Do you have an environmental management programmer? 21 . How has this changed over the last few years? 22. Is technology important to your production lines, how has it changed over the years? 23. Will the dairy industry have and future implications on the environment/ Global warming? 24. Has customer preferences among dairy products changed in recent years, if so, why?