Mobile Phone Industry

According to the Advocacy Paper of Ranged Philippines (Bibb Flossing have been recognized to be profoundly nagged with social media communications through the years, Including prominent people such as presidential candidates. Filipinos are observed to be very dependent on their mobile phones in communicating with other people, which is way more convenient as compared to the means of communication in the primitive times. Today, because of the advancement of technology, one can benefit a whole lot more from communication aside from speed and convenience.

People can now access the internet through their mobile phones using C and G networks. Sending electronic ails (emails) and engaging with social sites are now a lot easier. The invention of such electronic devices allows faster and more accessible form of communication. Text messages take only few seconds or minutes before reaching the receiver. It is far more convenient than writing a letter, which takes weeks or months before reaching the receiver. Moreover, emails are used in communicating with people from distant places.

It Is accessible and convenient In a sense that it is available anytime as long as there Is an Internet connection. According to Chant, Chine, Germane. Her and Thomas (2006), the mobile phone industry is now fast expanding in the market because it became a necessity to a lot of people. It is used to communicate effectively and conveniently. This is the reason why mobile phones became prominent all over the world. Recently, Philippines has been advancing in terms of technology through the Philippine brand mobile phones that were newly released In the market.

Ranged Philippines further presented that In the past 1 5 years, advancement of electromechanical In our country has Improved rapidly: considering that change comes gradually in a country like ours. Philippine telecommunications has improved to being a competitive sector that enables effective communication at a reasonable cost from being backward, monopolistic, and inefficient public utility in only ten years’ time. The Philippines took a great leap when Cherry Mobile Company released the first ever Floppy brand of mobile phone.

According to the company profile of Cherry Mobile, the first Filipino brand phone was released on 2009. Thus, It has been 4 years since the first Philippine brand of mobile phone was released in the Philippine market and there are still new brands and units that keep on arising up to this day. The company’s vision is to produce high-end devices with an affordable price. Since the release of the first Filipino mobile phone, other Filipino brand of mobile phones entered the Philippine market, such as Maypole, Torque, Enthrone and Star Mobile. Currently, these Philippine-brand mobile phones are continuously creating units of

Some perceive these products as potential trade products for the global market. As a matter of fact, several blobs and reviews in the internet discusses about the relevance of these products in the market. Users of these brands of phones claim that the release of these products is an innovation for the mobile phone industry here in the Philippines and thus be supported and further enriched. They also claim that these products are in trend in order to keep up with other international products. They are not only useful but also cheap that fits the pockets of most Filipinos.

However, these products were also receiving negative comments from experts. Critics see that these products still needs improvement because of the malfunctions the users are experiencing with these products. Critics claim that these products are not yet competitive to enter the market quality-wise here in the Philippines, let alone in the global trade. Although innovation through Philippine- made mobile phones has the potential to contribute to the industrial development of the country, these products need further development and support to be able to enter the global market.