Next Generation Sequencing

The overall NAGS market is flourishing by continuous innovations and developments in the market aimed at higher throughput, increased accuracy, and affordable costs. Developments In the pre-sequencing, cloud computing, and NAGS bioinformatics solutions are major opportunities for this market. NAGS services market is one of the key segments in the NAGS market which is estimated to grow at a CARR of 24. 0% by 2020. The growth is driven by increasing demand in diagnostics and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Sequencing by Synthesis technology will be the fastest growing technology In the coming years.

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SOBS technology has wide applications In the NAGS market and can be used for both single read and pair end libraries. Hence the demand for platforms such as Hisses X Ten, Nexuses 500 and Misses is also high. Complete report [email protected] http://www. Aromatherapies. Com/next-generation- sequencing-nags-market-platforms-alumna-hisses-males-life-technologies-ion- promoting-454-ruche-bloodstreams-RNA-see-chill-see-prosperousness-sobs-smart- diagnostics-market-report. HTML Prepossessing products and services market will also witness high growth and is estimated to grow at 23. 5% CARR in the next six years.

The growth can be attributed o the increasing demand for prepossessing consumables and instruments as the quality of the end product depends on the prepossessing treatment. The growing need for standardized sample preparation solutions and Increasing automation In the pre-sequencing workflow step are drivers of this market. The study is confined to platforms, consumables and services provided by top 4 companies, Alumina, Thermo Fisher (Life Technologies), Ruche and Pacific Biosciences. It does not include other NAGS platforms and miscellaneous consider upcoming technologies or platforms.

This research report covers end-to-end market for INS in terms of the workflow; requesting, INS platforms, consumables and services, sequencing services and bioinformatics market. From an insight perspective, this research report focuses on the qualitative data, market size, share, and growth of various segments and sub- segments, competitive landscape, and company profiles. The qualitative data covers various levels of industry analysis, such as market dynamics (drivers, restraints, opportunities, and threats), and technological trends, globally.

The report also offers market shares, sizes, and related growth of various segments in the industry. It also souses on the emerging and high-growth segments of the patient monitoring market, high-growth regions, and the initiatives of their respective governments. The competitive landscape covers the growth strategies adopted by industry players in the last three years. The company profiles comprise the basic views on the key players in the patient monitoring market and the product portfolios, developments, and strategies adopted by market players to maintain and increase their market shares in the near future.

The above-mentioned market research data, current market size, and forecast of true trends will help the key players and new entrants to make the necessary decisions regarding product offerings, geographic focus, change in strategic approach, R&D investments for innovations in products and technologies, and levels of output in order to remain successful. The report provides insights on the following points: Market Penetration: Comprehensive information on product portfolios of the top players in the INS market.

The report analyzes the next generation sequencing market by product, application, end user, and geography Product Development/ Innovation: Detailed insights on upcoming technologies, research and development activities, and new product launches in the INS market Competitive Assessment: In-depth assessment of the market strategies, geographical and business segments, and product portfolios of the leading players in the global INS market Market Development: Comprehensive information about the lucrative emerging markets.