Nurture Strongly Influence Early Human Development

These terms have been given several definitions by different people. According to psychoanalysis: nature refers to “innate drives of sex and aggression” and nurture refers to “social upbringing during childhood”. Behaviorism: “All behavior is learned from the environment through conditioning”. Nature Is what we inherit via gene and nurture refers to Interaction and experimentation In all environments (Saul McLeod- 2007). To begin with, early brain development plays an Important role In growth which strongly Influences early human development.

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It’s a matter of fact that brain’s cells re made during pregnancy. However, they are connected to one another just after birth and baby’s brain develops day by day via experiencing in real environment and practicing in sequence (Sean Brothers- 2009). For example, children learn to speak fast if only people keep talking to them. (Azalea, Azalea & Kola, 1 972) Babies who keep stepping in sequence begin to walk faster than the one who doesn’t.

Next, since baby’s brain is more active than adult’s, babies have several better skills than fully grown people such as hearing, tasting, smelling and vision. Newborn babies are able to tell whether it is human speech (Bridge, 1 961 ), to turn their head to the source of a noise (Hillier, Hewitt & Enrollment, 1992), to tell their mother’s milk (Russell, Bibb and two months baby could focus on shapes like nose, face (Halt, Bergman, & Moore, 1977). These skills help them build brain connection and experience.

Another point is, children inherit gene from their parents to develop into a person such as sex, color of hair, eyes, skin and some other organs. However, they will develop themselves depending on where and how they live. If a pregnant uses drug r is sick, the baby could be born deaf, blind or abnormal. As stated J. B Watson and B. F. Skinner, infant can be trained into a various type of people. In addition, babies are like a white paper (J. Locke) which have nothing built in before birth.

However, even though there are many arguments supporting this idea, in practice, it is not possible to accept one side extreme view point (Saul McLeod, 2007). According to recent realization of false questioning of environmentalists and the fact that heredity takes a big part of children development, reveal that both heredity and environment Interact one another In many different ways to produce a fully grown child. Centuries with their own view points, people still believe that none of them takes strong part to affect babies’ growth.