Office Solution Development

Recording appointments for doctors to visit patients at their homes: Database software: (See Appendix 1 . A Part 2) 3. Storing patient and staff details: Database software, Spreadsheet software: (See Appendix 1 . A Part 3) 4. Contacting patients, medical suppliers, other surgeries, local hospitals: Communication software: (See Appendix 1 . A Part 4) 5. Keeping an inventory of medical supplies: (See Appendix 1 . A Part 5) 6. Financial data: Spreadsheet software, Accounting software: (See Appendix 1 . A Part 6) 7. Producing invoices :

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Spreadsheet, Accounting software: (See Appendix 1 . A Part 7) 8. Producing materials for staff training events : Desktop publishing software, Presentation software, Word processing software: (See Appendix 1 . A Part 8) 9. Producing information documents for patients: (See Appendix 1 . A Part 9) Answer Task 1 Part b Word Processing Software: Mostly suit for create high volume text documents also with simple single layer images. Easy to handle and learn so no need hard staff trainings. Can use for printing documents, create letters and so many text included documents.

Desktop Publishing Software: Mostly suite for design multi layer documents (images). To handle these kind of software need a special knowledge about particular software. So need special staff training. Can easily develop documents like handouts for marketing purpose. Also can develop text included documents, but not a high volume of text. Cost is high than the word processing software. Answer Task 1 Part C Bespoke Software: Bespoke software also known as tailor made software. It develops for specific company to meet its specific requirements.

These software 100% meets the requirements of the customer. So there are no extra unwanted functions. Easy to handle. Commercial software always not meets the actual requirements of the specific customer. Therefore purchasing bespoke software give more advantages for company. Task 2 Answer Task 2 Part a There are lots of advantages when staff involve for software development. The staff member knows very well what he currently do and what actually want. So he can produce the software actually he want. If we takeout as point wise, these are the

User knows what he wants with the new system Knowledge of how the current system works It takes low cost than purchasing commercial software User knows about the existing system, so it can do only adding more features to the system Can use staff time more efficiently After user involved developing, no need extra staff trainings. After finish software will well match business requirements. After finish software will well match user requirements. There will be greater user satisfaction Increase the user moral No user dissatisfaction after implement the software.

Because of they made it Easy to test the software Answer Task 2 Part b Analyzing Identify the business requirements Planning Testing User Training Documenting Implementing Answer Task 2 Part C There are several areas to check that the system meet HCI requirements. Under those areas, we can create a check list for users to check if the system meets its Check the software Functionality Use of shortcuts Help availability Number of steps to select a function Check the Software is User Friendly Interface dosing Mixing of colors Ease of use

Places of function buttons Security of software Logging method What are the data can access for users What are the databases Maintainability of Software What is the updating method of the software How we find if we want updates Special tools needs for maintain Error handling methods Solutions and Design meet the requirements User manual Is user manual helpful for user User can easily understand the user manual Are all functions working correctly If any errors occur without error messages Use of error messages Task 3 Answer Task 3 Part a 1 .

Create the document with empty fields for mail merge 3. Click on the Start Mail Merge and select step by step Mail Merge Wizard. Then Click Next 4. In the mail merge wizard, Click next with Use The Current Document 5. Select the excel sheet or database file to get customer data for mail merge. Then click next. Select correctly. If not change the fields as you want. Button. Then select the correct field name for insert to place you selected in the document. Do the same for rest of fields. 8. After insert all merge fields for the document.