Oil Industry Investment Company

Oil Industry Investment Company (OIC), is an Iranian private company that is occupied with imports, exports and drilling of crude oil and generally with energy. LLC consists of twelve subsidiaries that contribute In the process of drilling, exporting, importing and transferring oil and gas. Moreover these subsidiaries also occupy with road construction, production of oil Industry chemicals materials, polyethylene compounds, airplane fuelling and manufacturing of deferent types of spare parts used in gas, CNN and other fields.

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However, given the capacity of 011 barrels reserves in Iran, the future of the company is already defined and focused on the energy part. LLC is listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange (TTS). What we want to do? The companions plan is to be innovative and a pioneer in the industry by offering outstanding services of high quality to the clients. In order to achieve that, the company’s business plan focuses on profitable growth and sustainable development.

In order to maintain this growth the company has decided to involve in the six main activities as stated in their website: Executing of Banana Bass Refinery feed providence project and starting construction of Its terminal process by using added capital and finance Developing a drilling fleet by purchasing one offshore drilling rig together with five land rigs and adding it to INS Co. Actual rigs fleet. Increasing the fuel service capacity in Imam Airport applicative by transferring more flights to KAKI.

Follow the negotiations with IONIC in the slide of bunkering which are continue done negotiations for executing of mentioned project in article 1 above Programming for intuiting swap and oil products Transit to Iraq, Afghanistan and Armenia, Persian gulf and developing It with using of loading and dalliances faceless In Kraals and depot once stock As mentioned above, LLC is a publicly traded legal entity, listed on the TTS.

Challenges to Loll’s Sustainability – Political Instability and economic mismanagement will continue affect the overall stability of the country. IONIC will remain a key battleground In an ongoing factional power struggle led by Maidenhead and the neoconservatives. Maidenhead’s success in winning Measles approval for his key Cabinet appointments is indicator of the strong power he currently wields, and consequently, the level of influence he will have over IONIC and the hydrocarbon sector moving forward. Prospects for successfully addressing some of the critical economic reforms that – Continuing tensions between Iran and the international community over its nuclear program have led many companies to remain reticent invest in Iran, which is a major risk for the sustainability of IONIC, especially in the face of steep decline rates from mature fields.