Oil industry

Compare spellbinding as defined in this article with traditional forms of bullying (I. E. , bullying without the use of technology). Answer: In the article, the research shows that the increasing usage of electronic devices is strongly linked to the increasing rate of cyber bullying. Spellbinding firstly has done via social networking sites like messengers, Faceable, text messages, pager, pictures, music and video.

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In comparing with the traditional bullying, spellbinding is more harmful. There are some psychological circumstances that are associated with spellbinding. Victims are reported anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation. The research’s alma is to define a person’s psychological needs as they narrate to cyber bullying. Studies were given to 666 students at a university. The results showed, 55. 3% of the subjects reported experiencing some form of cyber bullying. It was found that 22% of the subjects reported to have engaged in cyber bullying another arson at some point In time.

The study showed that aggression and Interception are main psychological needs concerning cyber bullies. While In traditional bullying, the evidence shows that there is no involving any electronic gadgets, but bullying done on students by their seniors, in that case the most of students are found with smoking, drinking alcohol, problem behavior, low commitment in academics. 2. Trademarked: Dirty Oil is Turning Canada into a Corrupt Petrol State (p. 211) Andrew Misinform Analyze Onlooker;s use of the word “Trademarked” In his title.

Explore both the connotations and denotations of the term. The term, “tangoed” used by the author Andrew Nonlinear, in this article demonstrates the meaning of tangoed is the mixing of tar which is obtained from the oil industry to sand. This mixing of sand and tar impact negatively on the Canadians economy and Canada’s environment. This mixing is being the cause of the greenhouse effect, acid rain and ozone layer depletion. The author, also reported the Involvement of politicians In this cause by standing with Canada has no climate hang.

He also reported that the prime minister also gets involved in this scandal. Then the article, the author used the specific words like “unstable” and “cancerous” to show the real picture of Canadian Infrastructure that Is not too well. The country’s unpleasant record on environmental change, and insignificant green power, essentially considers a developing reliance oil income, oil unpredictability and petroleum activists. As an outcome, Canada now has the same kind of example, Saudi Arabia.