OPI Nail Polish Customer Management

They share pictures of people using their product in positive way. They also interact with their consumers if they have a problem with the product, however that seems to be most of their interaction between them. I would suggest they comment on the pictures people post or comment back If the consumer has a good review on the product. The company should Interact more with consumers aside from the product Issues. The company does manage their sites at a fast pace. On Twitter, they reply back to anyone who tweets them almost instantly.

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That cannot be said from the other two sites I chose. On Backbone, they don’t reply to anyone in the comments nor do they do it on Mainstream. This company also engages well. They use various other social media sites such as Youth, Tumbler, Pinsetters, and Google Plus. Although the sites that I listed are not as popular as Mainstream, Backbone, and Twitter. It seems Like they do most of their engaging on Mainstream. They post several times a day, however, they do not converse with their users as much as they would on Twitter.

For my nonprofit company, they seem to be more on the lacking side. However, they do a good job of optimizing social issues and bringing them to their followers via social media. They keep up with current ones as well as ones that have become recently popular in the news. The company could improve their sharing a lot more. They do not post consistently, sometimes going days without posting. And they sometimes post about the same topic. They could switch up the topics each day to keep users Interested. They also should improve on managing.

Again, they do not post or share on a consistent basis. They do engage somewhat but not nearly as much as they should, given the amount of followers they have. For my nonprofit, theirs brand is well developed, they cater to different social issues and gives people a variety of ways to solve them. Their players include everyday people who the issues affect but also the people who advocates for those who don’t have a voice. They also use traditional media such as having their own website, and using social media. However I don’t think that they use it effectively.

I also feel that they do not take advantage of all the platforms they could be using. They do have a presence on social media, but it could be improved greatly, they are not consistent. If they worked more on the accounts they do have, they will have more success opening other social media accounts in the future. They seem to channel their content well. They post about different causes each day and campaigns that are taking place. They also show pictures of fundraisers and other charity events. Their content can hit the users emotions.

Some posts tell stories of people who have went through tragic social issues such as poverty, and tell how they overcame their struggles. Overall, using the Social Compass, this organization could improve greatly. They have a large following, they need to perfect their use of social media to expand the organization. POP on the other hand is a well-known brand, among famous and not so famous, everyday people. They also use traditional media, and they use it well. They partner with different entities to collaborate on new nail polish collections such as the NFG,

ML, and various collections that are influenced by movies. Their expansion with other popular companies has helped them expand. They also are on other platforms, one of them being blobs, they have one in the process of creation. They also participate in events, the current one being New York Fashion Week. They’ve been posting content from their backstage view, as well as videos. This company does well with producing and posting content on consistent basis. With partnering with other companies this also increases their popularity.