Organizational Behavior at Quick Cusine

This report includes a detailed description of the issues mentioned in the report plan. It also includes a thorough analysis on the organizational behavior theories and these theories have been related to the issues identified. Further on we have given recommendations on the above issues and also given implementations according to our knowledge gained during the sessions. This report consists of the conclusions that we have derived from analyzing the given case study. It also includes the objective of the report which we have already successfully achieved. This report consists of a brief overview of the case study – Quick Cuisine.

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We have also attached a report on our individual contribution towards the success of this report. Organizational Behavior is defined as the actions and attitudes of people in organizations. It is a complete study about organizations and its employees. As students who are practicing Organizational Behavior, we have been assigned to find Organizational Behavior issues, and to recommend methods to resurrect them, also including methods of implementation along to way. This is a case study based on one of the concessions named “Quick Cuisine” which is group of concessions owned by “Cayley-Hogg”.

The main aims of these concessions are to serve the customers above their expectations. Many issues related to the Organizational Behavior, both good and bad, were identified. Each issue was dealt separately and was scrutinized in depth. We related each of them to one or more Organizational Behavior theories we came across during our lectures. Some of these theories are Motivation, Team Working, Organizational Conflicts, Organizational Culture, etc. These theories can be considered to be the most important theories when dealing with organizational issues.

Not only have we given a theoretical background to each issue, using these theories, we have made recommendations as to how the organization can change in order to eradicate these Organizational Behavior issues prevalent. We also went to the extent of suggesting methods of implementations for each recommendation made. The division between the Permanent General Assistants and the Temporary General Assistants (who are recruited during the summer vacation), has been identified to be a major issue, which has both been cause by many reasons, and has led to many problems.

We suggested that workshops of Team Working be conducted, and also to conduct various activities that will both provide them with time for breaking the ice and to bond in a fruitful manner. In the Report Plan that was provided by us earlier, our main focus was to bring to your sight the main issues prevalent, but in this the final Report, we have stressed more on the recommendations, its Implementation and conclusion we could draw from this case study. We sincerely hope that you take some time off to actually go through our report.

We ensure that is will NOT be a waste of your valuable time. “Quick Cuisine” is a group of concessions under the parent company “Cayley-Hogg”. Cayley-Hogg is also the owner of Super Markets and a chain of National Hotels. The catering concessions are located in museums, art galleries, zoos and theme parks throughout the United Kingdom. Given to the fact of the concession being located in remote areas, Quick Cuisine provides the General Catering Managers with ample freedom to control their respective concession as they see fit.

Individuals who join Quick Cuisine for the post of General Assistant have to undergo a training period but, within this training period they are only required to read on topics such as food hygiene and knife handling, there is no practical training given to the recruits which shows that they just acquire some theoretical knowledge which is insufficient when working in a fast moving environment.

Quick Cuisine recruits ten additional students during the summer vacations as temporary General Assistants. Summer is one of the busiest seasons of the year therefore handling the normal business routine with the permanent General Assistants alone, would be a tedious task. These recruitments are good decision because the workload can be split up.