Perceptual Development

Perceptual development: Cross cultural studies: Depth perception-Forest dwellers-Gene saw a distant buffalo as an Insect. This shows the lack of experience with depth cues (Turnbuckle). Pictorial cues-Hudson tested children In AS using AD pictures (occlusion). European children by the end of primary school could use depth cues but the Bantu children couldn’t use depth cues well enough. These studies were carried out in sass and provide support for nurture approach-due to experience in different cultures so people have different perceptual abilities based on this.

Learnt process. However, Page repeated Hudson study post sass using deferent type of questioning, not what is nearer to the man but what is nearer to YOU? Children performed better. Jihad and McGuire tested texture gradient, linear perspective. PPTP had to rearrange a AD model. Found that Scottish children better than Ghanaian children, older children were better and more depth cues available, better performance.

Even though Scottish was better, all children showed high level. So Hudson found experiences did matter, bathroom et al said didn’t. Explanations: -Hudson pictures showed lack of depth -e. G. Silhouettes-epitomize -Shadow’s pictures showed more info about depth-3 pronged trident and so more AD responses to Jihad than Hudson-oldie. Methodological problems with studies: -Imposed tells-western techniques In non western cultures. ;understanding language-translator. Roofs tested may not represent culture. -Natural expo-lb isn’t specifically manipulated so can’t say causes change in DVD.