Personal development

Did you Interact the least? My parents because they are so busy. Should you alter the frequency or duration of your time interactions? Yes. I should spend more time with my parents. 3. What percentage of your satellites were: High value? Waking up,Spending time with my love ones,Going to class, Serving as elector. Pressing? Studying, Making requirements, Lack of sleep. Are you comfortable with the percentage? Of course I am comfortable because Im the one giving the percentage. 4. What percentage of your activities were: Were scheduled?

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Waking up, going to school, going to class, Meetings, Serving as Elector. Studying, making requirements. 5. Interruptions: Who was your frequent interrupter? My sister and Eunice Limit. How are you interrupted most often (phone or visit)? Both phone and visit. Do you feel that the interruptions were necessary? Not necessary. Are you comfortable with how you handled them? Of course not. 6. Goals: Are the major difference between what you had hoped to accomplish and what you actually did achieve? No because I have a hard time managing my time.

Are you spending your time pursuing those things that have high value to you? Why? Yes Im spending my time pursuing those things but I also spend enough time to things that have pressing me. What goals do you have that are not reflected in specific actions in your time log? The goals that I have are not reflected in my time log is to have enough sleep. I always wake up tired. I really need to sleep early. What activities can you add to you schedule to make progress toward them? Studying in advance so that I can sleep early. Making my requirements fast