Personal Development For Life And Work

I will practice taking blood pressure of my family and friend to make me become successful at it, Feed-back know that feed-back will me be to work at my weakness and to become better at what I do in my job. I will accept feed-back as complement and searches deep down inside of me and try to change any bad habit I have. Develop action plan will always work hard to reach my goal and I’m going to take my homework very seriously. I will make sure I get the work done to my best ability. I will go to college to become Obstetricians. A doctor who specialize child birth.

Be accountable will work very hard to get some grant money and some scholarships money. 0 the money will help me pay for and book. Five year from now I will be in college studding to become Obstetricians. I will be queen in my hand. And I will be proud to meet all those cute babies . Change you behavior will act professional at my Job and I’m going to make sure that respect every one. I will take bad about my coworker and I will not spreading rumor about them. I will make sure that if I say something behind them and I could say it on front of them too.

I will take responsible for my action. Learn from you mentor will make sure that I learn as much as I can from my supervise and my coworker. I’m willing to learn from anybody in the Job as long you willing to teach me how to get the Job done. I will takes them for the time they take to help me become successful in my job. Attitude ill have a good attitude toward my coworker and my supervise. I will always make sure to have a good attitude at my Job because it take one bad attitude to make you coworker don’t like working with you.

Attitude Are Contagious my face and I will make sure to keep all my personal problem at home. I will positive, kind, nice and respectful to my patient, coworker and supervise. Image going to have a good image about myself and I will walk, talk, act like professional. I will not come to work dirty or late to work . I will dress professional and I will not come to work with several of Jewelry. Will strive to be professional at y work place because I know that I’m doing my Job right. And I will be a leader not a follower. I will make sure my work is cleans because it tell lot about you and who you are.

Becoming a team player will strive to be a good to player at my work place and I will make sure that I respect everyone idea. I will be willing to share and listen to everyone idea or point of view with respectful. I will not tell other that Sam never have a good thing to say and I will also make she I don’t get free rid on any body. I will get alone with my coworker easy with any fight. Leaderships style will love to work with all type of adhering style in future because each of them are unique and special in their on way.

I will be glad to work with democratic leader because you would I have a say in the work place. I will make sure I understand my supervise and make sure we strive to meet the company goal. Conflict in the Workplace know how to handling conflict in the work place I will not take any body side. I will not favor any side of the idea. I will my supervise know about any conflict before it come out of hand. When a conflict stay none do nothing about it grow until 911 1 have to come to stop it. I will make sure not to Judge anyone.