Personal Development Paper

What will I give up? I will give up making excuses. I will talk less listen more. I will give up wasting time, and reading more. I will give up being disorganized.

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What are the major obstacles and how will I manage them? Obstacle is Just me and my mind – I need to be focused, and do proper time management. Not get distracted with the noise around me. Work at my pace, and be patient. How to work with me I am pretty flexible, and easy going. Only thing is I lack commitment, and have poor work ethics. I tend to get distracted easily and hence get frustrated when the pressure builds up. Please be a little strict with me when it comes to academics. I need to get more responsibility so I am actually forced to put in effort, instead of depending on others.

This will help me build my quant and analytical skills, and that will increase my confidence 10 folds. Since I tend to get distracted easily, please always bring me back on track. I am very dependable, approachable, and I love interacting with people and learning through people. Hence, if I don’t understand something, and if someone explains it to me politely I will always listen. I tend to disagree a lot, and sometimes unnecessarily. I am also very open to people criticizing me. I love negative feedback so I have room to develop. Please motivate me, and cultivate in me discipline.