Personal development plan

I can follow Instruction, have good writing skills, good organization skills, adapt well to change and strategies to better the operations to Increase profits. Areas of Improvement I need to continue to Improve on Innovation, taking Annihilative, presenting, researching, networking, persuading, and apply what I have learned when necessary. Steps to take to reach your goal I need to continue my education, practice and set goals for myself. Gene involved with outsourced to assist with the networking and presenting pieces.

I also need to review policies, review figures and statistical tables and to use my cross functional skills when applicable. Potential road blocks Potential roadblocks for me could be financial means, hours of workload at current place of employment, and gaining the ability to identify issues that may be used in feed forward for me to avoid these future issues. Which steps would you consider milestones? Why? Obtaining a position the field I am working toward, such as a Human Resource or Training Manager.

How will you monitor your progress toward your career goals? How assertive I am, how many applications I put in, how many interviews I obtain, and gather data on how effective I was or was not in an interview. How might you focus your time and attention in your future courses based on your career competencies and career goals? Continue to be very active in my education, have more control of assignments, offer to be the team leader more often and this will allow me to grow and achieve being more assertive.

How will you incorporate what you have discovered in your My Career Plan assessments to help you reach your career goals? The steps and hints of how to better my own career plan on university of Phoenix Career Planner will be used as a tool to help me achieve my career goals. This will be done by setting a time table and completing each task, the tasks will represent each step in the goal process. This will also help me to grow and become a more rounded Individual at work and at home.