Personal Factors Affecting Rate Of Development

Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors There are many personal factors that can Influence and effect the rate of development. Health/Disability There are a variety of health Issues that can affect the rate In which a child develops. Medical conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis, Downs Syndrome etc can have a serious effect on the rate the child will develop, both physically and emotionally. Conditions such as Spinal Biffed occurs when the child’s spine does not form properly during pregnancy.

As a result of this, the child’s legs may be partially or fully paralyses and hey may have a curvature of the spine, difficulties In controlling their bowel and bladder and deformities In bones and Joints. Physical deliverables can put a child at a disadvantage in many ways e. G. If a child has restricted movements they may find it difficult to join in with things such as sport, putting building blocks together and manipulating materials. This will mean the child may never reach the same milestones at the rate of healthy child of the same age, or may never reach these milestones at all.

A Child’s health can also be affected during pregnancy if the mother s taking drugs or drinking excess alcohol. This could result in premature birth and/or low birth weight which can then lead to a slower development rate. A child may be born with a sight or hearing impairment which affects most areas of the child’s development. If a child is unable to see, they may not have had the opportunity to loin in with physical activities, such as running or football, therefore they may be lacking in this area. If a child is deaf, they may not be able to communicate accurately to other people so will have little social skills.

Learning difficulties are also a factor hat influences a child’s development. Children with learning difficulties will need extra support with certain areas of development and may develop a low self-esteem because they get annoyed with themselves for not being able to do something, such as a simple innumeracy problem, or read a book. If a child has language/ communication difficulties, they may find it hard to socialism with people or Join In with activities. Socializing is very important, especially with children of a similar age, as they learn from each other, however a child may miss out If they have learning difficulties.