Personal Statement Sports Development and Coaching

Personal Statement I am currently studying the Foundation Degree in Sports Performance and Exercise Development at ; and it has confirmed to me that I would like to pursue a career relating to the sports industry. It is my ambition to continue my studies to gain a BBS (Hon..) In Sports Development and Coaching from as there is a wide choice of module options which allow me to specialist in areas of study that may be of relevance to my future career, as well as progressing the knowledge I will have gained from the Level 3 Award in Education and Training (City and Guilds) that I am errantly undergoing.

I became interested in a career in teaching and coaching sports through my part time Job In the British Army’s university Officer Training Corps (UTC). I have been part of the LOST for 3 years, where I have learnt about the Army and what Is required to be an Officer, both physically and mentally. Through this training I have gained the equivalent of a CM Level 5 Award in Management and Leadership (CUFF).

To gain this qualification I was required to demonstrate that I was able to set direction and inspire others to work together to achieve challenging outcomes, by implementing an effective communication strategy while constructively working with others to develop and maintain good working relationships. I was able to manage resources and anticipate, plan and lead change and address problems that are complex and non;routine by generating creative ideas to inform best practice and continual improvement.

I have also completed a Defense Instructional Techniques Course. This course taught me the fundamental skills needed to prepare, plan and deliver effective lessons that can be applied to any learning/teaching environment, including how to structure and manage lessons through a range of teaching techniques for both theory and practical lessons. Crucially, the course also covers how to motivate students In a lesson environment.

A positive, can-do attitude and the ability to enthuse and inspire others is a key trait that is needed to be a teacher. Currently I am in the process of applying to be an Officer in the Educational Training Services branch of the Army in the hopes of being a teacher in the army and when I leave, in schools. I believe that the modules offered on your course will benefit me irately In my career to be a teacher.

My current course has provided me with an in-depth understanding of teaching, coaching, sports science, sport development, sociology, psychology, and sports management. Through this course, I have had the opportunity to do work placement at a secondary school as a PEE teacher and I have coached multi skills sports to many primary school children using the coaching qualifications that I have gained through this course such as quick sucks hockey and mall tennis. This teaching and coaching