Personality and Intellectual Development

Discuss the manner in which personality and intellect might develop in adults. What might interfere with this development? What might enhance this development? In your opinion, how does this development affect clients and what issues might you see in working with clients? Personality and intellect might develop in adults by genetics and environmental. Genetics it is passed on from an individual’s family and environmental is what surrounding an individual grew up in.

Personality can stem from motivation, coping mechanisms, traits, emotions and they can follow the individual throughout life or change the older he or she gets (Background, 2011). Things that may interfere with the development of an older adult’s personality and intellect are his or her age, changes in society, environmental factors, and processes in a cultural population. If an individual feel like he or she have accomplished things in life that they wanted to, personality may turn out more positively.

If the individual feel like he or she has failed, their personality might not be a positive one (Background, The enhancement of an older adult’s personality and intellect development 2011). Can stem from close relationships with family, friends, or a significant other, if the relationships were positive. Also if an individual achieved great satisfaction with the work they accomplished throughout his or her life this will enhance his or her development when they get older.

The learner’s opinion on how this development effects clients because it can give them a positive outlook on the rest of their lives or it can give them a negative outlook. If you know what the client has went through It will be easier to know how to proceed with working with them. Positive experiences are going to be treated differently that negative experiences. The learner believes It is better to know an Individual’s background. Background, B. (2011). The Journey of Adulthood, Seventh Edition. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall