PEST Analysis

Analysts Political Government Fund for education will increase due to professional fee of the additional teacher and classroom needed. Higher probability that educational funds, coming from Lug’s, Adopt-A-School Program and TEN Moves fund will be corrupted by the government officials. Government need to have a quick responds to the needs for educational resources. Has a political advantage to politician image by building educational infrastructure under their name.

A probability of political intervention in hiring teacher. The use of scholars by the politicians for their own benefits. RA No. 10533 is implemented in establishing standards for Enhanced Basic Education. Economic Employment for secondary teacher will increase. Additional cost for each family. Decrease level of uneducated people. University, Colleges & other tertiary educational institution will suffer a 99. 9% decrease of enrollees after the implementation of K+12 programs. Probabilities that

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Universities, Colleges & other educational institutions will strictly provide and implement standard that will hold and retained the level of earnings that will exceed costs. Has a competitive advantage to our society. Expected inflation will occur. GAP will increase due to employment. Socio-cultural Gained additional knowledge mandate by the new standard. Parents must require their child at age of 17 below to attend schools mandate by the law. Alternative courses for secondary education.

Increase awareness of the students. International test results consistently show Filipino students lagging way behind practically everybody else in the world. Decreasing number of students will undergo college. A productive and long process learning for Filipinos. Technological Additional Equipment to be used in the learning process. Additional cost will incurred. Technological learning advancement. Acquisition of new software for efficient and effective learning. PEST Analysis By candelabrum