PESTE Analysis for Bottled Water

Rock produce water which sold as part of coca cola. Coca cola are probably the most popular company which produce soft drink. Due to this I would consider river rock as a large established business, mainly because of its connections with coca cola. A water company such as river rock would now be getting good trade, as coca cola are a world wide organization, companies such as river rock will benefit from having the backing of an established name like coca cola.

This is a good foothold for raring a Good reputation, this is vital, and companies having a good reputation should have better custom. As part of coca cola, river rock would be rewound for a reliable and efficient service as coca cola have been around since 1886, in this time selling soft drinks coca cola would have gained many different experiences in selling their product, they would also know what way to sell their product so that the best results are obtained.

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A wide portfolio of products with various flavors gives more of a choice, the consumer feels in control and not restricted in the flavor they wish to choose. Healthy drinking water is a lot healthier for teeth than fizzy drinks, therefore water companies can claim this whilst selling, flavored water as the same taste as a fizzy drink accept it wont rot your teeth. Last but not least water companies have a large target market to operate in, everyone can drink water, from the rich and famous to a local Joe Oblongs.

Druthers oppressed litterbug’s saturation . Sponsorship for sporting events, being seen to advertise could increase support for the product, as well as this diversify into a different market could be effective, being bled to adapt to various markets is useful as it broadens the market. Expanding nationally is vital also; despite the obvious fact of more money available is also will create larger market. Promotion using large marketing strategies should boost sales; a nation wide campaign would help promote the product further.

Analysis for Bottled Water By elitists There are lots of different companies on the market now. This results in more competition. Soft drink companies, e. G. Coca Cola can compete to take the market charity, which could lead to pricing wars. This is bad for a company as they could lose out on profit. Coco cert.. Eschew Orca eek nice face CE; WEAKNESSES Unmotivated staff in the work place could result in less work being done therefore less water being sent out.

Also, big demands for a particular product may cause problems, if the stock is low or on available the company may lose out on sales. Extol Visit coursework be in be of be for be more scours be Do be not be redistribute Extol PEST is split into four categories, political, economic, social and technological influences, which are all external factors. A PEST analysis identifies what external factors are going to effect bottled water companies in the coming months and years.