Pestle Analysis

A general manager is responsible for a multi-functional group (business, division, profit center, etc. And is accountable for the strategic performance of that unit. But what we will learn has utility not Just to the person at the “top” of the enterprise. Increasingly general management responsibility is shared. All members of the management team and the organization need to appreciate how their actions contribute to the overall success of the enterprise. Instead of focusing on a particular functional area (e. G. Finance, operations, marketing, accounting, etc. ), this course provides you with a process for problem- solving and decision-making that requires you to build on, integrate, and apply the knowledge gained from those disciplines in order to develop an overall general management perspective.

Because strategic issues are characterized by ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty, this course is as much about asking the right questions as it is about having the “right” answers. We will reach consensus on some issues, yet any among you will have differing interpretations on the most appropriate course of action. Such is the nature of strategy issues. Those of you with the need to reach the “right” answer may find yourself frustrated by the lack of definitive answers and multitude of reasonable courses of action. This is a reflection of the real world! The course covers analytical tools and conceptual frameworks that aid in the development of Judgment.

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The primary objective of the course is to develop expertise in formulating (analysis) and implementing (action) strategy. Although the course regresses from formulation to implementation, one cannot presume to fully understand strategy formulation without the realization of what it takes to implement strategic change. Ultimately strategic choices represent a tension between what an organization needs to do given its competitive and market environment, what it can do given its resources and capabilities, and what it wants to do given the values and preferences of key stakeholders. The overarching framework that guides this course is provided below. The flow of the course is sequenced around this framework.