Pharmaceutical Industry and Corporate Executive Team

Andrew Witty became Chief Executive Officer of Silhouetting on 21 May 2008. He is a member of the Board and Corporate Executive Team. Andrew Joined Gallo in 1985 and has held a variety of Sales and Marketing roles In the UK and abroad including working in the Company’s International New Products groups, both In the Respiratory and HIVE/linctuses disease fields. Outside of the UK Andrew has worked In South Africa, The USA and Singapore where he led the Group’s operations as Senior Vice President, Salsa Pacific. While In Singapore Andrew was a Board Member of the Singapore Economic Development Board and the Singapore Land Authority.

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In 2003 he was awarded the Public Service Medal by the Government of Singapore and in August 2012 was also awarded the Public Service Star. In 2003 Andrew was appointed President of GAS Europe, and Joined Gawk’s Corporate Executive Team. Andrew has served in numerous advisory roles to Governments around the world including South Africa, Singapore, Guanos China and the K, where he is currently a member of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Group and is the Lead Non-Executive Director for the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

He was awarded a knighthood for services to the economy and to the UK pharmaceutical Industry in the 2012 New Year Honors List. In January 201 3 Andrew took up the post of Chancellor of the University of Nottingham. He Is also President of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFFIE) a position he took up on 1 January 2010. Andrew was appointed Senior Vice President, Governance, Ethics and Assurance in January 2011 and he is responsible for risk management, compliance and strategic auditing.

He is a member of the Corporate Executive Team. Simon Joined the Company Secretariat in 1984 and became Deputy Company Secretary of Gallo Welcome in 1995. He was appointed Company Secretary of Silhouetting Pl in May 2000 and imbibed this position with his role as Corporate Compliance Officer from 2006 until his current appointment. After gaining his Law degree, Simon qualified as a barrister in 1983 and is a member of Middle Temple. A few of cask’s products include Viand, Weltering, and Paxar. (Business Ethics p. 34) cask’s policy statement included “being a responsible business means operating in a way that reflects our values, treating our stakeholders with respect, and connecting our business decisions to society’s health care needs. ” (P. 438) ASK has faced several ethical issues over the years.