Policies and employee relations

AJP enjoys an especially strong status and success documentation in recruiting, promoting and retaining minorities and women, in addition in keeping its commitment and successful methods to managing the variety of its labour force. When there are potential people applying for a job, they have to be well prepared, confident and have the required skills that are asked for.

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Recruiting is extremely tough on applicants, because nowadays there is a lot of competition with different applicants, and their backgrounds. The interviewer, not only looks at your background, but looks beyond that too, which I think is a good method of recruiting. Providing the right information is a good start, however who you are is like another recruitment process altogether, because there is your academic and experience background, but there is the personality and individual step as well.

A company like AJP, will not only assess your background and qualifications, that does count towards you getting the job, but a company like them, will need to look at the character of the person as well, because they are a large organisation that needs good Human Resource strategies, and so workers with good communication skills, lively personalities and so forth would allow the business to run smoothly and also gain a success record. AJP does have a large and improving level of employee morale among professional and managerial employees.

This could be due to good HR planning, and effective recruitment techniques. AJP’s Human Resource staff put managing diversity as one of its largest strategic priorities and through the Senior Vice President for Human Resources, has been doing well in making variety a top priority in the business. There are seven “Employee Business Groups” that serve as strengthening community systems for different gender, race or identity groups. Every year these groups hold meetings, and structure regional intervals.

Such as educating, training the workforce, support efforts to recruit, creating their own business websites and cultivating a sense of community among their associates When a company is going through the recruitment process, they should abide by the legal requirements. A company like AJP should establish a recruitment process that not only meets this primary goal, but also satisfies applicable legal requirements. For a company, the balance between achieving an efficient recruitment process and complying with the legal requirements and best practice is quite a complicated one to achieve.

Workforce planning activities are important areas of making sure than a company like AJP, has the right people, in the right jobs, at the right time. It is known that companies that have effective planning processes and bring action plans from this, are much more likely to be successful. The need to ensure that everyone is treated fairly has led to a reduction in succession planning activities. Internal promotion must always be carefully managed to make certain that applicants from both internal and external sources are treated in accordance.

In most organisations, there are various people who become involved in the recruitment process. Starting from the first stage, when a vacancy has been becomes available, going through the administrative process of arranging advertisements, then the job packs and interviews, then it goes through the decision process about short listing and selecting the final candidate. The Human Resources function could undertake the recruitment process, with a service that provides the following: These are all the things AJP needs to look at, and well help with their assessment techniques too.

It can be a time consuming process and requires a lot of decision making, because you would want the applicant with the highest potential and so forth, but with good HR planning, n following the legal requirements, and possessing good assessment techniques, then it could be a success. AJP sees managerial positions very important to organisational performance. These kinds of roles are critical because they serve to make sure that organisations execute their strategic objectives. The importance of these kinds of positions to the organisation, places a premium on the use of effective recruiting processes.

When a company recruits a potential employee like a manager, they would require skills higher than people who are employees only. Firstly, it is important to have good communication skills, because as you are the manager, most of your department will be looking towards you for certain help or queries. Usually, a company can promote you up to higher levels, if they feel you are performing your job well. If a manager is carrying out his duties successfully, and can become a good leader for the workforce, he or she could get promoted to higher roles within the organisation.

This proves to the company, that he or she can successfully do their job, and can have good leadership qualities, which could lead to the managers getting promoted to executive director or a similar role. SECTION FOUR – Training and Development AJP is committed to the continuous training and development of its employees, both in the area of job related skills training and lifelong learning for personal development. I would think that a company like AJP would say that its biggest assets are their employees, helping their employees to develop is vital to the success of the organisation’s objectives.

Nearly all training practices and procedures will endeavour to support individuals to attempt to achieve these goals. To make certain that training activities support both the individual and organisation’s goals that it is lucrative that all training activity will be planned and monitored in combination with the Personnel Department who will hold the training and development funds. The Training and Development strategy will be focused on creating a motivated workforce which is capable of meeting new challenges, and is also skilled and capable in all aspects, and would coincide with the company’s goals both short-term and long-term.

Professional development, are training needs which are recognised as a means of an employee being allowed to develop their performance, their development as a professional within the organisation or as a means of their maintaining and improving key skills and competencies. Every now and then, training needs may be known as a result of a corporate change which will affect everyone within the organisation, and this would usually come under the same category. The strengths and weaknesses of AJP training policy, has numerous points.

There are the strengths to consider which are flexible and effective reviews and assessments by liaison officers, a valuable impact of training on workplace practice, a wide range of initiatives to promote participation by not so well identified groups and effective, honest and supportive management. These are some of AJP’s strengths in their training policy. The weaknesses are little promotion of equal opportunities, no methodical preliminary assessment, bad planning and recording of training and unsuccessful internal verification.

All of these strengths and weaknesses, are part of the company’s training policy, there is a sort of balance between the two, however if there were more weaknesses than strengths for AJP, then the company would need to think of solutions quickly. AJP is working towards the Investors in People Award (IPA), because so far the company is enjoying an extreme high and developing degree of employee confidence. AJP has a high set of comprehensive human resources and labour relation policies and that were taken from AT&T.

The giving of share choices to all employees, which increased in value as the company’s stock grew over 500% from the beginning of the benefit’s performance. AJP was secure enough, in its own policies and employee relations climate to apply for inclusion in the competition for the “100 Best Companies to Work for in the UK”. This shows that they are working towards achieving the IPA in the near future, as their policies show that employees are receiving good benefits, and the company is boosting their confidence.