Principles of developmental psychology

The movie focuses on the life of Entwine Fisher. The movie begins with a young Entwine serving in the military however, because of a terrifying past Entwine always gets himself into trouble and Is always found to be In violation of the laws and policies governing the military. Entwine gets himself into a huge fight with one of his fellow sailor and as a result was demoted and confined to the ship for forty five days. He was also ordered to see a psychiatrist at which point he failed to open up about what he was going wrought to Dry.

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Davenport and was very resisting of the help. When he eventually decided to talk about what was going on with him, he reveals a past he describes as extremely horrific. When asked about his parents, Initially Entwine said that he had no parents until eventually he opened up to say that his father was killed way before he was born and that his then young mother Eva, was serving a sentence while she gave birth to him. He was placed in an orphanage until his mother’s sentence was served whereby she could collect him. This never happened and so by age two Entwine was entered into he system as a foster child.

He described his foster parents as a religious couple (Mr… And Mrs… Tate) and also acknowledged the fact that he attended church along with his other two brothers every Sunday. He described being extremely fearful of Mrs… Tate who mentally and physically abused all the children she was caring for. By age fourteen Entwine had had enough of Mrs… Tate and her constant abuse and decided to stand up to her. When he did, he was thrown out of her home and was forced to live on the streets. He later turned to the military as a way out of the horrible life he had. Entwine described to Dry.

Davenport about his interest in one of his fellow sailor Cheryl who he described as extremely beautiful and who later became his girlfriend. Entwine got into a huge fight in Mexico and because of it was thrown into Jail. Here, he tells Dry. Davenport about being sexually abused by one of the family members In his foster home. Following this, Entwine reveals to Cheryl that he has been seeing a shrink all along and so they shared their first kiss. Entwine was advised by his doctor to search for his real family after his graduation over thanksgiving dinner. At radiation, Dry.

Davenport alerted him that their sessions were coming to an end and this caused Entwine to completely break down. He talked about his childhood best friend who was killed and about how he resents him because he (Entwine) was left behind. Entwine eventually went on a search for his real family accompanied by his girlfriend Cheryl. Despite the many setbacks faced trying to uncover the truth, he was able to find his real family. He revisited the Taste’s and confronted them about his I OFF true identity of his father. Entwine and Cheryl spent a very long time digging wrought telephone books and contacting anyone they thought might be his family.

He eventually locates one of his aunts. He later learned that his biological mother lived near and so sets out to visit her. He confronted her but most importantly he forgives her for the childhood he experienced. He then returned to his aunt’s house where a feast was prepared for him and where he met multiple family members. Towards the end of the movie, Entwine goes to Dry. Davenport and expressed how much he appreciated all that he did for him. Dry. Davenport then expressed that he is the one ho is thankful since Entwine somewhat changed his life. The movie ended with Entwine and Dry.

Davenport going out to eat. Relevance Section The first connection I would like to make with this movie to the course material is based on resilience as discussed in chapter one. Resilience defined is the ability to triumph or excel despite any obstacles that may be present, preventing one from reaching his/her ultimate goals. In simple terms, resilience means the ability to bounce back. In this case, Entwine Fisher was able to triumph over all the obstacles he faced as a child. He overcomes a difficult temperament which almost caused him a successful future.

He overcomes having to live on the streets at the age of fourteen years old with no one to care for him or support him. The text further explained that factors such as intellectual functioning and close relationship with to a caring parent all influence resiliency. Entwine had neither of these but was still able to surmount theses road blocks and became a successful man. He showed resilience. Another connection I would like to make is regarding self-esteem. Chapter eleven discusses self-esteem and what influences it. It states that self-esteem is the judgment we make about our own worth.

This can be based on scholastic competence, athletic competence, social acceptance, physical appearance and behavioral conduct. It is safe to say that Entwine had a low self-esteem and it is also safe to say that this was as a result of the life he experienced while growing up. Due to this, his ability to fit in with others was affected. This explains the reason for the many fights he was a part of. Additionally, Entwine did not have a lot while growing up, in fact, he had nothing at all that can actually boost his self-esteem, and in the ND, we really see how this had affected Newton’s ability to establish relationships.

One final connection I would like to make is with attachment. Attachment is described in chapter ten of the text as a close emotional bond between two people. The chapter talks about the disorganized or disoriented child where they would have had a caregiver who had serious problems of their own. This type of experience causes the child to derive a working memory of people who cannot be trusted to care for them or organize their world. This child acts out aggressively towards others, is sad and anxious and has poor social skills.

This is exactly like Entwine Fisher who was separated from his mother from birth. He was then placed in foster care with a set of Christian people who are expected to do the Godly thing when caring for children instead of beating up on them. This experience totally changed how Entwine view others in his world and affected how he formed his future This movie is one of my all-time favorite movies. I love the way it connected with the audience about what really happens in real life. The acting was flawless and so was the script.

The only thing I was hoping for was for the director to delve into the life of he psychiatrist Just a little more especially since they shed little light on some problem he might have been experiencing within his marriage. This movie serves as hope for those persons who may believe that failure is the only outcome in a struggling life. The movie was very moving and none the less an inspiration. It was well written and had a clear structure. It was also very believable and evoked a lot of emotions. It had a moral to it, being that despite whatever hardships we experience in life, there is still a way for us to pull through and triumph.