Principles of personal development

Protecting and keeping all residents safe while in the care home Explain what a PDP is and what it should include PDP is a structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development. A PDP should include the following? ;Your Dreams ;Your Values ;Your Ideal Life ;Your Ideal Personality ;Your Goals ;Your Path To Get There Identify 3 people who might be Involved In providing and feedback for a personal development plan Managers

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The individual can take a PDP course The most senior employees List 3 different ways your own learning and development might be supported Taking extra courses Training List 4 different ways that a personal development plan may benefit your learning and development You will gain credibility with the residents. People accept advice from those in a position to offer it. You will have greater empathy for the residents. You will see the manner in which their obstacles are similar to the ones you overcame. You will be more effective at shaping their perspectives.

You have seen it first hand. You will be happier, generally, and therefore a more pleasant and open person to be around. Task B Case study If Jean doesn’t agree with this resident’s ways and feel they are against her beliefs she should respect the resident’s beliefs and ways too. This resident is from a different generation from Jean and so will have different ways some which may be dated. Jenny should remain professional at all times as she is the one who is providing the care to this gentleman. She might have to push her beliefs to one side while helping out this certain resident.

She should also try and not be rude or shed as all the clients she attends to need to feel they are not a burden and need all of Jean’s time and not be rushed. If however she still cannot respect this man’s wishes or beliefs she could request to not attend to this man and ask if someone can send someone else to attend this resident. Explain why it is important to reflect on your work activities It is important to reflect on your days work as you can ask yourself if you did the best work you could of done and what you could of done differently to improve your work, or find out what you need to learn to make you a better worker.

This also helps me to identify my weakness and strengths and if needed any extra training. Also it is good to reflect on my days work and gives me the opportunity to improve relationships with staff members and residents. Description of experience How did this experience improve your knowledge , skills and understanding? At a training session we learnt about how PEG feeds work and how the nurses feed the clients who have PEG feeds inserted. Also what us as care workers should look out for around the area where the peg is inserted, how we should clean the area and to inform the nurses on anything.

I now know how the PEG works and how to clean it in the right way. I also know what to look for if it is red or sore and what to do when this occurs. How did this experience improve your knowledge, skills and understanding? I received feedback from nurses on how to dress a wound in the correct manner, Before I Just putting on a dressing not creaming it before. Now I know how to dress a wound, what cream to put on the wound , what kind of dressing. I also know what to look out for such as any changes with the wound,what are the correct creams to put on the wound and how to treat it after the dressing is put on.