Product Development

Some consumers treat fruit Juices as morning beverages or desserts, but we hope to position Ahoy a multi-purpose Juice that is energy-boosting-all-natural-refreshing and healthy on the go drink! Ahoy would be a natural way to rapidly infuse our body with potent vitamins and minerals. The vitamins and minerals like B vitamins especially strengthen brain functioning. Iron, calcium, and zinc can boost your body’s ability to handle stress. Consumers, mainly students need energy that comes from healthy nutrition function at their very est. In school.

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Quality: Promotions will play a large role In highlighting the cool and refreshing feeling It can give with other nutritional benefits, which will provide a good edge on other competitors in the market. Furthermore, very few fruit juices have found themselves holistically in the lives of their consumers. Our juice is dedicated to taking college students into fun, tasty and refreshing drink to go to their lifestyle. It is an easy way for on-the-go college students to make sure that they are getting the servings of fruits that they need in a day. Usage:

Features/benefits: Although some manufacturing companies of fruit Juice were banned to use “Organic” labels on their bottles most especially In process fruit Juice. Ahoy still prides Itself on being a healthy, natural beverage. Our labels clearly state to the consumer how much fruit Is In each bottle of our Juice. One bottle of Ahoy can provide many of the vitamins that one needs in a day. The combination of pineapple and orange includes combination of rich minerals. Scientist approved that this fruits reduces heart attack, cancer and related diseases.

Other benefits includes: pep blood vessels healthy, help to prevent heart disease and improve heart heath, help to prevent cancer, reduce cardiovascular disease, reduce cardiovascular diseases, high antioxidant ability, reduce retention of OLD, slow down cholesterol, blood for cleansing system, effective for hypertension, premature aging, Alchemist’s disease. The brand name “Ahoy” is easy to remember product name for future buy. We want an image Is to drink for refreshment. A healthy yet fun and refreshing way of living better projection image.

Each bottle represented by physical numbers of durational benefits of each fruit that provides an easy to read information on the container. Customers have clear Idea about the product when they see It at the first time. Our product label will give a clear message in the design. These are designs will use mall Plastic bottles. Design of the bottle would be tropical fruits that include pineapple and orange that emphasizes health. The burst is a symbol of refreshment. As costumers plunge unto our drink, they will surely feel the feeling of freshness and rejoiced. Want your mornings fresh everyday?

Have fun everyday? And feel fresh and rejoiced that will lead you to a stress free life ahead? We give you “Today’ Plunge into refreshments. Standards for packaging: Features of the food and Drug Administration fresh Juice safety proposed 2 regulations: The first would require processors of packaged fruit and vegetable juices to implement HACK plans at their plants to prevent microbiological, chemical and physical contamination of their products. This provision includes requiring makers of unappreciated Juice to be able to achieve a five-logarithm reduction in the umber of pathogens in the finished product.

This “five-log” step is equivalent to a 99. 999% kill rate on the microbes. Requires implementation of a HACK plan. (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) Requires means of achieving a five-log microbial kill step by bastardization or other methods. Requires warning labels on all Juices not treated to eliminate pathogens. HACK to be phased in over three years – larger firms get less time, smaller firms get more time. Other significant decisions like changing brand name, labeling, customer service, etc. A