Product on the market

Adverts are a way of putting a product on the market, trying to make it successful, giving it out information of that certain product to the public, the more money you spend on advertising the more richer the advert and the more it will attract people, there are many types of advertising, aggressive, pacific, Informative, Attractive, and many that give you a different information of what the product is.

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I reckon the best types of adverts are the ones that are worth staying to watch, normally funny ones are the best, I take advertising as little movies between the programs, there are the ones that have a neutral effect, those that actually catch your attention and the ones that you really never really pay attention, the truth is the people(viewers) make the advert if they find that advert cool it will come out in the market as a good product, but if the ratings are bad there it goes a lot money.

Obviously you can direct your market to a certain age, depending on the product, but it should always affect all the ages, for example you are selling a toy, you advertise it has an effect on the kids but not the parents and they are the ones that pay for it. The more money you spend on advertising the nicer and effective it will be and the more people will attract. Holiday resorts ITC 1) In the holiday advert there is scenery of the beach with a beautiful a type of water fountain monument, the advert really gives you that sense of peace and calmness.

2) ‘Absolute luxury begins with knowing that your every holiday wish has been interpreted by specialists, to create the perfect tailor made escape, From the Caribbean and Indian ocean to Australia and New Zealand, the Far east and south Pacific to the best of Europe and Africa-pure indulgence in the world’s finest destinations. ‘ This advert really concentrates for people who just wants to take a break and relax, so I reckon the advert is more for the elder and middle aged adults around their 40’s and 50’s, not a family holiday a more spa kind of holiday you know for people that have some money in the bank.

3) The larger audience for this advert is more for people that wants to take a break at any age; it could be an old person to a person who just finished college or even for a family with teenagers that behave because you can’t take little children to holiday’s like these they are little devils. 4) The advert is really appealing is a nice little beach with a beautiful water fountain, you can even imagine yourself on it, just looking up at the skies relaxing with that gentle sea breeze at your face in a quite hot day, getting a tan and looking good it really make you want to jump into the advert.

5) I think it’s very successful because is nicely made advert, it doesn’t force you to go for that holiday resort I think it kind of give you a choice you can either be at the place of your dreams or in simple holiday, Where would you rather be? Smack down for Playstation 1) This advert mostly shows violence and how bad the characters are, The logo is written in big bold letters to kind of describe badness, and most of the people in the advert are making a bad face, with their muscles out, and from what I know these characters in the magazine are the maddest in the wrestling show, I mean even the name of the game gives it away Smack down.

2) The target audience for this advert is mostly for kids who are into this kind of violence and that are into the wrestling show, I think it really brings out the anger in you and it really makes kids feel good if they could smash something real life but it’s a thing you would do so you can do it in the game. The kids probably look up to these characters as role models, so they ask their parents if they can buy it.

3) The effect that the advert give is of violence but also there is a lot of information that makes you want to buy this game, I mean the advert itself didn’t have any effect on me at all but when I read the information it made me want to buy it, but I bet if a kid look at these bad guys he would be well excited to buy it. Comparing Smack down and Holiday resort ITC

1) I think of both of the adds are very successful for the type of audience that they are trying to attract, Smack down is more of an advert for kids but if attracts the kids it also does for the parents and the Holiday one is amazingly made it gives out a sense of peacefulness but at the same time of fun which attract all ages. Those adverts were made by two major companies so they spent money on research and on artist to create these adverts. 2) In my opinion I preferred the Holiday one because a holiday is a memory of a lifetime and had a better affect on me, I would love to be relaxing there now.

Smackdown is just a violent little game that you play for a little while and end up getting sick of it or end up thrown it away when you get older or when something new comes out 3) I would definitely buy both products. The holiday one looks like such a good time and calming holiday a worth spent money that you always remember and Smackdown also looks really fun, something to play when you get bored, worth spent time, I mean I remember myself playing Street Fighter for Super Nintendo which were really good times, like they say time is money and well spent money = good times and both give you that.