Professional development

There are many trends affecting the way nurse education is impacted with the issues surrounding the MOM report. Some of the issues include rapid expansion of technology informatics used in workplace, shortage of nursing faculty, changes in demographics of society, complex health and mental health diseases, and the use of more evidence based practice which increases nurses role as an active participant in complex health care decisions. With so many different dynamics affecting the nurse education, curriculums across the country are encouraged to make significant changes.

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Cherry and Jacobs (2014) write, “Our knowledge, thinking, and a broad array of skills all are critical to the kind of nursing care we provide, and they influence how we respond to changes in patients, families, and communities in times of need” (p. 36). The MOM/ROWS reports recommends that curriculum should include inter professional collaboration and communication with other health care professionals. In doing this more 0 3 effectively, the nurses must bridge the gap in working with interdisciplinary team members who have achieved higher education.

Providing more leadership roles in he curriculum will allow students to see the need and responsibility their role may have in contributing to high quality care. Life long learning in new technological advances and global knowledge to keep improving patient care are key components to this. This suggests that nurses achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved educational system which provides seamless academic transition.

This is in response to a specific goal issues by MOM to increase the introducing more simulation technology will prepare students to critically think and experience more complex patients, and health care decisions. These impacts on nursing education will build new foundational practices and learning which support leadership, global knowledge of cultural diversity, a focus on the aging population, community health, and a more active role in collaborating with inter professional health care workforce.

The MOM/ROWS report emphasized the need for nurses to practice to the full extent of their education and training (MOM, 2011). In primary nursing, a research study showed the need for reorganizing the nursing role to better increase care coordination, a higher level nursing function (*******). This duty supports the recommendations of the MOM report that the nursing role needs some restructuring. In particular, this research study highlighted that the time spent with patients is very important to patient safety, reducing errors, and improving outcomes.

Nurses spend more time currently with task oriented duties within their roles than managing and coordinating patient care. This task requires a much broader base of knowledge with an understanding of technology and the use of it efficiently, communication abilities which include 0 4 advocating for public community health and speaking out on issues that affect the hole, public health issues which may arise, and evidence based research and practice for prevention strategies that promote the overall health of communities which we live in.

I reflect on my role of nursing practice and question how I am going to meet the goals of the MOM report. To begin with, I am advancing my education with higher levels of academic learning currently. I also take full advantage and focus on the in service training opportunities provided by my organization in order to keep up to date with technology and new improved practices or products. Furthermore, I am successful of patients and staff and consider other perspectives and interactions of other cultures a valuable learning experience from which to add to my foundational base of cultural diversity.

My leadership can be improved upon and I realize the need for myself to push to higher levels and actively participate and engage evidence based research within my organization. The impact of leadership in the nursing role is a main point that is stressed in a variety of ways in the MOM/ROWS report. For nurses to have an understanding of community health issues that may affect patients, the report recommends that urges engage in public policy and speak out on issues of community health like immunization or communicable diseases for example.

Engaging the community in context of practice to strengthen this proposition should be implemented as well in educational curriculums as the foundation of nursing education. In the context of leadership for the nursing role, it is very important for nurses to practice to the fullest extent of their scope of practice which is increasingly expanding. This indicates that nurses must fully function as interdisciplinary team members and 5 o that the highest achievable quality outcome is possible.