Professional Development – Individual Assignment

Professional Development: Individual Assignment Laid are one of the largest retail chains worldwide, with over 7,000 stores In Europe, North America and Australia and new stores opening every week. Since opening the first store In the UK In 1990, Laid has now grown to over 400 stores In the UK and Ireland. This growth is based on a reputation for providing customers with the highest quality products at substantially lower prices. To achieve this unbeatable offer to a rapidly growing number of customers they have to continue to run a business based on efficiency and high expectations.

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Most importantly to this rapid Roth is the recruitment and nurturing of the best talent. Their Graduate package has helped to drive Laid to number 4 in The Times Top 100 Graduate Employer Survey 2010 and win the prestigious award as The Employer of Choice for General Management. The graduate Job that will be discussed In this assignment is Area Manager at Laid, their philosophy states ‘only the best will city. In result this philosophy has made them a driving force In retail.

Laid are looking for outstanding graduates, born leaders possessing the drive and ambition to succeed In a demanding and fast-paced environment. Part 1 Employer requirement Requirements held by Laid for the role of their Area Manager graduate programmer are clear, below are key skills and thoughts an individual should consider before applying for the graduate programmer. The type of degree required is clearly stated on their website. Laid prefer a strong academic pedigree of a 2. 1 .

They believe doing well at your degree subject (whatever it maybe, preferably Business) and gaining something from studying the subject of your choice is not only an advantage to the candidate but also an advantage to Laid, they welcome Individuals with their own input of Ideas and ways of working so that Laid become an ever growing business. An individual’s outside Interests are important. Laid believes participation In leisure satellites which Involve teamwork, leadership, organization and commitment will provide you vital experiences In the role as an area manager.

Furthermore Laid stress the importance of excellent social skills as the graduate programmer role is predominantly a people development role, therefore being able to demonstrate that you have excellent social skills and are capable of motivating a team is essential. However an individual will need to think about the demands of the area management programmer; this may mean that you might not have the time to pursue your leisure activities with quite as much as before. Therefore another skill to take into consideration is organization.

Individual assume no previous retail experience is required as the training businesses provide will comprehensively equip them for the role. This Is not the case with Laid. Laid don’t expect an Individual to come In with vast retail experience, but they Insists whatever you have could serve you guidance to the ole. They hinted graduate candidate’s recruitment Is Influenced by their attitude, approach and a desire to absorb the Laid culture and systems. Being an Area the exacting standards Laid set. They examined that the skills below are essential to succeed as an Laid Area Manager. Flexible * Focused * Intelligent * Resourceful * Charismatic As a Graduate Area Manager the main role is driving sales. Competition in grocery retailing is a fact of life. Chief among the expectations placed upon Graduates is an ability to apply their intellect to the problems that they face in business. Laid will expect you to think creatively, set your store teams stretching goals and apply a commercial and convincing approach when developing plans for, amongst other things, advertising support for your stores.

Laid state performance at stores is always achieved through good leadership. The challenge of correcting poor performance and improving further good performances from incomplete information will require an individual to identify problems, devise solutions and apply resources whilst emerging and encouraging the work colleagues to ultimately resolve issues themselves. Furthermore graduates knowledge, communication skills and ability to win people over will lead them to set and exceed targets which contribute to Lid’s success.

Overall Laid require candidates to have mentality to drive sales, experience in retail, good leadership, think creatively, strong communication skills, flexible, organization and excellent social skills. The rewards Laid provides its employees recognition of achievement through its rewards. Their incentives packages include a Seek starting salary plus car and much more. Below is what Laid Retail offer to their employees. SEEK for starters – Successful candidates who Join Lid’s Area Manager Graduate Training Programmer will enjoy a SEEK starting salary that rises in stages to Seek after four years, along with fully expensed Audio AY.

There’s also a pension scheme, private healthcare, life assurance, five weeks holiday, international condiment opportunities plus prospects for directorship within five years. Training – Laid believe no other graduate programmer offers so much responsibility so quickly and therefore offer immediate training to their graduates. The training covers the complete spectrum of management, from store operations, reduce trading, financial administration, logistics and property management.

Progression – Laid carefully monitor your progress, when they feel your time has come, which could in some case be less than a year, they reward you responsibility for four to six stores, this may sound demanding but they believe you will be effectively running your own multi-million pound business. Furthermore there will be prospects for condiment to Europe or even further field are a reality within the first three years. Prospects- Laid provides fabulous prospects for personal development. In which they base on your ability rather than the time scale.

For example if a graduate can prove to be an effective, successful area manager, they’ll have every chance of a directorship within five years; with opportunities in store operations, logistics, trading, financial administration, property and central buying. The next page consists, a C.V. relative to the Job role of Area Manager, and I have stated where I met and fulfilled the criteria required. Shaded Meanderer’s: 52 SST Benedicts Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, BIO ADD, Mobile: 07769508143, Email: [email protected] Co. Perfunctorily I am studying BAA (Hon.) Business and Finance at Birmingham City University. I am a hard working ; self-motivated individual (This is where I meet ‘motivation’ skill). I previously worked for charity and catering organizations having been doing Business Problem Analysis, I have an excellent knowledge of CIT skills. I’m also a positive, proactive and results-driven worker as I have been working in Kleenex as a self- employer (This is where I meet ‘mentality to drive sales’ skill). I’m experienced in working large organizations also exceeding expectations for customer service delivery..

Having worked at Major retail Ginsburg, I am always aware of the factors concerned by retail business specially a decrease in consumer spending. I had great understanding at my Placement year at Lids, it offered great opportunities to be exposed to every aspect of the business. The level of responsibility that other placement schemes offered was nowhere near the level of responsibility that Laid offered me. (This is where I meet ‘retail experience’ skill. ) When I set goals ; targets I always achieve them to the best of my ability. I occupy my free time by participating in sporting activities such as football and cricket.