Professional Development Plan

There was a strong need to build a productive team that would Improve work performance. Improving customer service would also assists in increasing sales and revenues in the company. The assessment helped me to understand the need to improve personal diversity recognition and awareness. A business that flourishes well is one that handles conflicts effectively. Personal Assessment Based on the assessment, my primary goal is influencing people. I am motivated and content when influencing people to reform the right tasks at the right time.

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My high level of confidence enables me to withstand criticism and any obstacle that may emerge In the workplace. With this, life taking charge of the team. I value teamwork because it facilitates growth in the organization. With tasks, I focus on embracing opportunities and work hard to strengthen excellent performance. I delegate tasks effectively and try hard to be an analytical listener and thinker to those leading. Despite the mentioned strengths, I intend to improve on asking help of colleagues and mentors. I believe this will help in improving my skills and abilities in management.

Still, I believe I exaggerates too much when giving direction or instructing a team. In so doing, this may break trust and threaten some members for shattering their dreams. When am under stress, I become superficial, and this hinders me from achieving the best out of that chance or opportunity. Employee Objectives To increase my skills and knowledge in the area human resources, I will take into consideration best practices that promote a positive working environment. Based on the assessment, the group is proficient with search specifically in the business environment.

As the manager, I will increase my ability and skill to broaden my view of organizational development and foresee issues that would hinder organizational change and behavior. I will take time to clarify and negotiate time frames to avoid misunderstanding my employees. I will acknowledge my employees input toward the Job and motivates them to be the best they can to achieve the set goals and objectives. Group Assessment After conducting the assessment, the group falls in the category of interactive style. They want freedom and a chance to air heir thoughts and ideas.

They desire a strong sense of belonging. They are more motivated when working as a team than individually. The group members believe that they can achieve more when in a friendly environment that stimulates growth. With these characteristics in mind, I look forward to work consistently within the existing circumstance to augment accuracy and quality in the workplace. Despite the mentioned positive characteristics, the group is easily discourages when working under pressure. Many quit on their assigned tasks when put under pressure.

This rates a strong need to foster a friendly environment that deters pressure. There is also a need to foster freedom that would motivate the group members to have a sense of belonging in the organization (The Alberta Teachers’ Association, 2010). Strategies I Development Plan Competency I Indicators To measure Success Performance Evaluation I Level 1: Make sure staff understand their performance plans and goals Level 2: Work with staff members to evaluate position description and performance development plan. Level 3: Follow-up throughout the year to ensure that the set goals and objectives are attained.

I Evaluate the staff performance annually and recognize the notable improvement in terms of quality or excellence * Assess if plan. * sales and revenues. * Assess the notable growth in terms of Evaluate the number of customer complaints and appraisal regarding the company’s performance and management. I Staff Development Identify employee strengths and weaknesses and thereafter delegates duties effectively. Make good use of rewards to recognize staff and employees’ contribution. * Encourage professional growth within the resource constraints * Recruits competent employees competent employees.