Professional Development Plan

In order to be effective within our team, each member will be further analyzed and signed to a job according to their characteristics which should help lead the group as a whole to reach or exceed expectations. Although there is no specific set of characteristics that makes a leader successful, it is the interpretation and approach of those same characteristics or skills that are used in various situations to effectively drive results. George Costa (Des) As a predominantly Dominant individual, Jorge Costa, is an extremely efficient and dependable person.

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Gorge’s personality will best describe him as dependable team layer who challenges himself by accomplishing bigger and better goals as he achieves them through efficiency and dependability. With his extroverted, enthusiastic and highly persuasive personality, Jorge can impact people to behave a certain way, in other words, he can stimulate people to perform their Job at a higher standard to achieve or exceed their predisposed set of goals.

As part of the team, Jorge will be able to teach and lead others to articulate a far-reaching goal and translate high performance expectations. Tyrone Jordan (Chi) Tyrone Jordan, who is a very outgoing, visionary, and argumentative Individual who possesses a smaller amount of tolerance for Incompetence. He will be best described as a charismatic individual who is known for following structure and does not do well with unpredictability.

As well as his extroverted, Intuitive, condemnatory personality he Is natural leader. Since he Is also Identified as an Individual who has a very low tolerance for Incompetence and would expect others to perform at their highest level, ender the Path-oriented Theory for leadership, Tyrone would be defined as an Individual that can Influence others through optimism and through the creation of paths for others to visualize that It Is possible to achieve task and objectives through achievement-oriented goals.

Seth Harrison (C’) Seth Harrison as the skeptical, critical, independent, and determined individual he is Style, where he will help remove the difficulties and barriers so the rest of the team can get to where it is to where it want to be with the achievement of the company oils. As transformational leader, Seth will focus his attention in appealing to other’s “self-interests and exchanging benefits” (Hulk, 2013).

Within the transformational theory, Seth will be classified as a directive leader that will let others know what is expected of them and will provide specific guidance on how to accomplish goals by using his thinking and Judging skills to identify individuals best fitted for the assignation. Our assigned team will be based on the Democratic-Leadership idea here everyone can give their personal input before a decision can be reached.

Based on our individual characteristics defined by the personality- assessment quiz, each leadership style may complement the others through cohesive communication and organization. This leadership style however, can be seen also as a challenge since different ideas and perspectives can conflict with one another, it is also the same idea that will allow issues or performances to be seen by different perspectives and therefore reach a mutual agreement on what would be best fitting for the organization.

Since all our team members possess the good problem solving characteristic in our personality, we need to recognize that it is an essential and effective decision making tool that will help determine, within the team, better approaches to meet the established goals. A level of confidence, trust, and respect will be developed within our members, known as the Leader-member relation to effectively accomplish goals and purposes. Reference Hulk, G. (2013). Leadership in Organizations (8th deed. ). Albany, NY: Prentice Hall.