Professional Development plan

The main objective of the DISC assessment is to determine individual behavior types, and define how to Interpret other people’s behavior. Interactive Styles: Fast, spontaneous, our priority is people, we seek participation and applause. Our strengths are persuading, motivating, and entertaining. Our growth areas we are Inattentive to details, short attention span, and low follow-through, fears are loss of social recognition, Irritations are routines, and complexity. Under stress Interactive style may become sarcastic and superficial. In the workplace we are Interacting, busy, and personal.

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Dominance style: Fast and excessive, priority Is goals, they seek productivity and control, their strengths are administration, leadership, and pioneering. Their growth areas Is Impatient, insensitive to others, and poor listeners. Fears are being taken advantage of; Irritations are Inefficiency and Indecision, when the dominance style Is under stress they become dictatorial, and critical. In the workplace they are efficient, busy, and structured. There are four DISC platinum primary behavioral styles such as dominance (D style), Interactive (l style), steadiness (S style) and cautious (C style).

People who fall under the dominance category are people who are willing and able to take the lead. They are go-getters who want to accomplish many things. Interactive people are people who are friendly and more concerned with building relationships rather than being task oriented. Often times they are considered to be party animals because of their carefree attitude. The steadiness style has a warm personality and they are often considered nurturers. They are excellent listeners as well as planners however; they are slow when It comes to making decisions. Based on the DISC ultimatum results for each team member, I balance each other as a group.

Two of the members are Interactive. We have two dominant members and the one Is steadiness. As a group, It Is Important for me to find effective ways to communicate with each order to convey a message. Interactive people are predisposed to be influencer and generally are more people oriented; they have a keen sense for making people feel good. I style individuals are personable, therefore they place people before the assignment, this would easily conflict with a D style person who focuses on the task at and and is not as concerned with the people aspect a goal.

Having two dominate people in a group can cause a potential problem because people who fall under this category tend to have a problem taking orders from others. Based on the analysis, most of the team members agreed with their assessment results. Myra and I proved to have a dominance behavior style because of our ability to take the lead by being the person to initiate the group’s assignments. Margaret and Jonathan have interactive behavioral styles because they come off as friendly people. They also enjoy being free from the constraints of management.

The two of them are looked upon as extremely positive individuals due to their positive outlook. Wendy is the only one who is a steadiness, who has a warm personality. Team A discussed the study of our individual extent of behavior. The DISC Platinum Rule Assessment gave all of the team members’ insight into our behavior style and it gave us all strategies on how to improve individually. It also highlighted potentials and talents that we do have to offer companies, workplaces and group work. In order to increase motivation, setting goals will allow each individual an objective.

It is very important to have a goal to produce higher levels of output and an increase in performance in order to achieve the goal of the group. The main reason we achieve our goals is to enjoy the benefits of rewards. Whether it is for a degree, good grade, or a promotion individuals seek rewards for a Job well done. Rewards are good motivators for projects. In this case, the learning team would be rewarded by receiving a good grade on the team project. Overall, the assessment proved to be a good way to bring our team closer to each other by knowing more about each other’s styles.