Professional Development Plan

My beliefs and values were incorporated to make my philosophy of nursing, that is to be an advocate for my patients’ and their family during their most vulnerable time, continuing my education to provide the best quality care available and taking a holistic approach by looking at the person as a whole; caring for their body, mind, and spirit (Chatty, 2007 p. 312). I believe nursing Is an evidence based practice, the care provided to patients and family have been proven through research to be the safest most effective way to implement care.

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My values which mold my beliefs have been acquired throughout y life from the people around me and my experiences. My values and beliefs will continue to change as I get older, have more experiences in my profession and further my education in nursing. One of my short term goals is to finish my baccalaureate degree in nursing. In terms of advancing professionalism, research was recently published, (Morris & Baulk, 2007), in which nurses were found to have increased professionalism and growth In roles and values after attending an DAN to BBS program.

That is what I am striving to achieve while going through the BBS program. I plan on taking each class one at a mime, trying to do my best, and gain the knowledge needed to grow in my field. By August 2009, I should have my BBS which will provide me with new opportunities such as management and educator positions; this degree will also provide me the My second short term goal will begin this summer, that is to initiate the evidence based practice, EBPP, project on my progressive care unit, PICK, at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, BIGGS.

Several of my coworkers and I are currently gathering information on research that suggests that providing patients and their families with written and oral information on the side effects of their medications will improve patient satisfactory scores in a acute care setting. We meet together regularly, learning as a team how to initiate EBPP into the workplace. Then possibly in the future we will publish our findings. By fall of 2009 1 plan on starting the Masters of Science in Nursing/Family Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Phoenix so I will be able to sit for the national boards certifying exam by the end of 2012.

Once I complete the requirements I must submit the documentation to the Arizona State Board of Nursing. I then plan on working for an international cardiologist, which will give me he opportunity to work in both the hospital and office setting. Income is not the sole reason for my desire to advance in my profession but it is important to note that the U. S. Census Bureau 2000 data show that income levels rise as educational levels rise (Katz, Carter, Bishop and Gravity, 2004). Income will enable me to continue my education and to obtain other goals in my future such as going to law school and traveling around the world.

When discussing a professional development plan people have to keep in mind a persons support system, resources available to them, their work ethics and what is needed to succeed. While one may be able to fulfill his or her goals without one or more of these things, adversities can deter many from following plans they set forth. Support and understanding from my family and friends would be a significant tool in helping me achieve my goals. It may also be useful to have mentors help to guide me along my chosen path to success.

Financial assistance will also be needed to continue on with my learning process. Self-discipline, further education and experience are also required to be successful in my future role as an FAN. Self-discipline and time management skills are crucial to have in our fast pace speed f lives’ today. It becomes increasingly important in the students’ life to use time wisely. Students may have to overcome several hurdles and barriers along the way. It is important to be able to identify these issues; it is the first step to overcoming them.

Barriers may be financial, time restraints or lack of support from family and friends; having the knowledge how to overcome these barriers and having backup plans is what makes the difference between meeting your goal versus abandoning the goal. If faced with any of these barriers I will try to have a positive outlook and attitude, I will rye to look on the bright side. Michael (2002) observed that one’s ability to bounce back from disaster and loss depends on the person’s ability to use resiliency skills to conjure up positive emotions when he or she is challenged severely.

I will monitor my stress level and use relaxation techniques specific to me and my needs if necessary In conclusion, putting together a professional plan is an important step to obtaining desired outcomes. According to Alexander Graham Bell (2001) “before anything else preparation is the key to success”. Values and beliefs will change over time, which ill influence your original plan to formulate new goals, when this occurs a person must reevaluate the resources available and challenge themselves to meet new goals.