Promise International Academy: Establishing a Nursery School

There will be constant checks wrought the lesson notes of the teachers, home works and tests given to the pupils, also tenet performances wanly must meet ten Internal Ana regulatory speculations and standards of Ministry of Education. These checks will start as soon as the pupil is admitted. The demand for our services is very high and encouraging. From our survey, we observed that the supply of educational services in the community is very low and we hope to scheme the pool.

Also the desire to be computer illiterate and total child care through the children bible club creates very high demand for our services. Therefore he demand for educational services greatly outweighs the supply in Naked town L. G. A and we hope to fill The technologies to be used are some of the modern developed technologies which are computers, instructional materials, CD Plates/Cassettes, Pictorial Charts and other leading aids. Our services are one of its kinds in that area.

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They are: Employment of qualified and committed teachers Computer training Free lunch for the pupils once every week Children Bible club Schools Bus Conducive learning environment Situation of the school in the centre of the community . 0 Promise International Academy is prepared to deliver quality service to the proposed esteemed parents and pupils in a learning environment at affordable fees. The school will commence as at when due, provide scholarships for intelligent pupils and less privileged. Having our motto in mind “Developing for Excellence” we will open doors for every child the L.

Being a professional marketer, taught in some schools and trained in church children department and Children Evangelism Ministry, and the desire to possess a masters’ degree in Child Education gives room to a more quality service and total child care and training. Location of the school is strength because of the age business potential not explored. Simple management structure due to fewer persons employed by the organization, it enables simple and stronger co-ordination: Quality visionary projections as the school plans to grow with the children up to primary and secondary level.

Our consumers will enjoy personal and close touch, and all the benefits of being part of the school. Weaknesses: Bad road network to the street where it is located Lack of credibility to the public, the school may not enjoy huge patronage from the public now due to newness of the school. Limitation of fund due to size and state of the organization is also a major nakedness. High level of effort or direct labor due to low assimilation of the children in village. Opportunities Growing markets: The market for our services is fast growing and parents are becoming aware of the importance of proper child training.