Promote prefssional development

Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice. As part of my position it is vital to continually strive to improve my working knowledge to ensure I am fully aware of all new guidelines and legislations and best working practices. I have done this through training In my setting and external training. The benefits of this for myself are improving my knowledge, be a positive role model for other staff members, become confident In my own abilities, recognize the possibility for career progression.

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The benefits for my setting are bringing new Ideas to the setting, updating other staff members on changes to legislation, ensuring we are providing best practice at all times. It Is vital that all staff are aware that practice Is continually and It Is everyone ;s responsibility to ensure they are aware of these changes. Within our setting we currently do a lot of training In staff meetings to ensure all staff are aware of new standards and the correct procedures to be followed.

It Is good practice to ensure all Information Is shared with the whole team, his ensures everyone is following the correct procedures and improves staff morale as it prevents staff having a feeling of not being told information. 1. 2 Analyses the potential barriers to professional development Potential barriers could include : Lack of funding/budget within the company No support from management Staffing levels I. E sickness, hours of work Time to attend and time to follow up on the training Lack of confidence to attend training Concern staff will move to new employment Lack of appraisals to help staff know their areas of improvement