Promote similar products

Adverts are powerful media texts. This essay will explore the various persuasive techniques used to promote similar products, which are very appealing. The comparison between three mobile adverts for the similarities and differences also media text communicate ideas through pictures of visual images that we can interpret these are called visual codes. The convention of an advert are a large visual image, a strapline (slogon) product name, product logo and all sorts of other features that will be introduced and might be very effective to the consumers depending on the quality of image.

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For the product being inspected the visual image would be a mobile phone. The first advert contains information that is very persuasive due to the written codes. The key word are very important because they decide if it catches the readers eye, for example the advert says “WIN �1000” the word WINS comes under written codes as it is a keyword in comparison to other adverts which might not have very effective written codes which will occur problems so the product might not get sold to the public as much as it could have done.

The advert contains visual codes in order to persuade the audience. Denotations and connotations produce visual codes. Denotation is simply what you can see; for this advert the main denotation is the women’s body in a bikini also she is floating in the sea. Connotations are just what the picture describes for instance the connotations of this are relaxation and holiday. The advert also denotes bubbles that are linked to the brand of the phone that is O2 because O2 is the scientific symbol of oxygen. The main contrast of the picture is blue that is the watery effect as the women is floating in water. This connotes of peace, tranqulity and escape. Visual codes are persuasive because they conjure up desirable images and experiences for the audience.

Media texts rely on the presentation and the graphics of the advert, as they are extremely important on the way the advert looks. The advert contains technical detail in order to attract people. The picture of the women is edited on the left hand side of the page that is because our eyes automatically look on the left side as we read from left to right. Information that the company wants to stand out is usually in a large size also bold. The copy that is in small print is terms and conditions.

The next product being examined is also a mobile advert; its purpose is to persuade the consumers also to join their network. The keywords have to be formed in a way so that it will catch the reader’s attention, which comes under written codes. For example the media text includes a poem demonstrating the phone. In contrast to other written codes from different adverts, which might not have very effective written codes so, the product is not as successful as it should have been.

The advert contains visual codes, which include denotation and connotation in order to persuade the public. The denotations for this media text are: a man with a gap between his teeth, messy hair, blue-eyes, a bit ruff and a logo, all of these facts describe the person also the advert. The connotations of the adverts, describe its characteristics, which in this case ‘he looks stupid and foolish’. The advert is a bit humorous due to the picture of the man.

All adverts should be effective in order to attract the consumers. The presentation and graphics need to be high quality unlike this advert where the man looks like a fool also the man is funny as he has a gap between his teeth. Every thing needs to be set in a particular place where it is noticeable, for instance the picture of the man is in the middle of the page, which captures our eye view to look right in the middle. Some details like the little poem is hand written or written on a desk, which stands out and makes it seem as if the writing is graphite.