Promotion Strategy of the Tobacco Industry

It is a highly controversial issue or a business to financially support such organization to fight against tougher regulation and promote its product. On one hand it is reasonable for promoting the freedom of consumer choice and the rights of smokers. On the other hand, it is not likely to be morally acceptable to confuse the public by saying the right of drinking and eating fatty food will be destroyed if we do not defend the right of smoker. In no doubt, there is problem of this behavior. First, as have mentioned, it will mislead the public.

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It describes Itself as “dedicated to protecting consumer choices “Public may hind that they have to defend the right of smoking In order to protect freedom of consumer choice later on. Obviously, It Is not appropriate for food and drinks companies to Jump Into bed with the tobacco Industry since smoking will bring serious sickness to one’s health while the others may not be. Also, those anti-smoking campaign may not damage the right of smokers. In fact, it is a warm reminding to public about the harm of smoking.

Although the customer choice may be changed because of the anti-smoking campaign, it does not mean that the right of smoking as destroyed. Customers are still able to choose after considering the opportunity cost of smoking. So, the statement of “drinkers and fast food fans will be the next targets of health campaigners if smokers’ freedoms are not respected “is not tenable and causes misleading to public. Second, as a cooperation, it may not be ethically correct for tobacco Industry to set up a campaign group to attack on health campaigners who opposed them. It Is not a legitimate promotion strategy for an ethical firm to boost sales.

This campaign has promoted a “violent” and “extreme,” dead to public which betrayed the principle of business moral. It is no doubt that there is problem of this behavior. However, I do think that it may reflect that there may be too much restriction on tobacco advertisement in ELK. Now, health warning should be printed on all cigarette packets and general advertising of tobacco is banned in UK. The tobacco companies have no way to promote their cigarette products. As a result, the tobacco industry in UK set up the campaign group to fight against tougher regulation to boost sales.

The government can consider whether the regulations are too strict so that there is no opportunity for firms’ promotion. In my point of view, I am strongly opposed to this campaign In the sense that it will deliver wrong message to public and it is unethical. I think, as a corporation, It should bear social responsibility and ensure its promotion compliance with the ethical standards. The firm can seek another approaches to promote Its products. In fact, this campaign would be useless as it would not be able to attract anything other than tobacco