Psychology Development

Most importantly, she would be telling the story using more of a 3rd person perspective than 1st person perspective. Industry vs.. Inferiority: Children need to start coping with new social and academic demands. Success leads to a sense of competence, while failure results in feelings of inferiority. The child might have done some sort of activity given by the fireman at the station. The group that she was in for the activity could have done well and be praised by the fireman for their work. Therefore, she felt a sense of accomplishment.

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Selective Attention: Selective attention theories have suggested that individuals have a tendency to orient themselves toward, or process information from only one part of the environment with the exclusion of other parts. The girl telling the story may have Included how at one point the teachers called everyone back to the busses, but she was so focused on watching the fireman preparing the fire engine that she did not clearly hear the teacher call her name that the teacher had to come up to her to tell her It was time to go.

Frontal Lobe: The frontal lobe Is an area In the brain of humans and other mammals, at the front of each cerebral hemisphere. It Is In front of the parietal lobe and above and In front of the temporal lobes. The story that old of the trip to the fire station would have maybe Included owe the fireman organized a “stop, drop, and roll” activity In which each person would practice the exercise. The frontal lobe responsible for motor skills and memory would have worked together to make It able for her to remember the exercise Itself and to get on the ground and perform the necessary movements.

Schema Accommodation: Changing of adjusting out schemas to Incorporate new Information. When telling her brother about the trip, she expressed her new thoughts on how dangerous fire really was. Her schema beforehand was that fire was warm and connected to positive things, Like her family sitting around a fire place and being gather. Now this new accommodation has taught her that fire can be dangerous and should be handled with care. Pre-conventional Morality: Morality Judged In terms of reward and punishment.

While telling her brother of the school trip that day, she had mentioned how she got In trouble for getting Into one of the trucks because even though the teacher had stated not to go near the trucks, she really wanted to go Inside and see It. This shows how she has shifted over In the stage 2 of the pre-conventional morality stage, putting her own personal needs In front, even Hough It might lead to punishment. Psychology Development By Lorelei telling the story may have included how at one point the teachers called everyone had to come up to her to tell her it was time to go.