Questions for Cloud Development Web Activity

Why? The relationship of the temp and dew point. 4. Move the bottom 3 temperature dots (which are red) to the right (increasing the temperature), each about 1 COO (one grid line). What happens to the cloud? It grows and gets bigger. Now move the bottom 2 dew point dots (which are blue) to the right, about ICC. What happens when you increase the 3rd dew point dot ICC (move it to the right)? The cloud formation continues to grow. What does this indicate toy?

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That there Is more moisture available In the alarm 5. Let’s look at how temperature and dew point at higher altitudes affect the towering cumulus. Move the temperature dot at 300 MBA pressure to about -ICC. What happens? The towering cumulus grows and starts to rain. Now move the 3rd temperature dot from the bottom to ICC. What occurrence do you observe? It stops raining and the cloud gets lower to the surface. Also, the towering stops.

What happens if you then increase the temperature at 300 MBA pressure again? Nothing happens. 6. Move the temperature dot at 700 MBA pressure to about ICC; it should be to the right of the pink line on the graph. What happens? The cumulus cloud disappears and there Is few clouds left. Move It back to Its Orlando position, and continue going up the graph and one by one move each temperature dot to the right of the pink line and back. What happens to What do you think the pink line represents? Moisture levels.